One month later.  How did I get so lucky?  He’s what I’ve been waiting for.  He’s more than I knew could be waiting for me around this sudden corner.  I’ve prayed for it, for a companion, for someone to look forward to.  This is that movie feeling, you know the one that you see on screen and figure is just a movie, but you secretly hope is real?  Yeah, that one.  I’ve got it.  But what timing, I’m leaving school, heading for a new life and here he is.  I wonder how he fits into the puzzle.  Regardless of what lies ahead, I will carry even the last weeks with me; he will be a building block, a ray of hope.  After meeting him I’m not in such a hurry to get out of here, I want to keep cultivating our relationship.  For years I’ve dreamed of getting out of Madison.  Moving on and getting to a city, a place of possibilities.  But with Him, it no longer feels like where I go that matters but who I’m with.  Right now I would rather be taking a walk with Him then moving off all alone.

  Months Continue, How Lucky Can I Be? 

My dearest,


My relationship, my friend.  You came when I didn’t expect it, wasn’t looking for you.  I had my eyes fixed ahead.  Even after night one and two, I didn’t expect anymore.  You have come into my life and offered insight, support, direction, laughter, intimacy, anticipation.  I don’t fear you, I don’t have to cling to you because I believe you care about me.  Where this will lead doesn’t seem important, the present journey is my focus. 


Today was the end of a great weekend with you.  Not seeing each other in a while added excitement.  I see you growing towards me, slowly, but strides.  Opening up, being real.  Gifts, the tone of your voice, small gestures.  I see it.  All signs of improvement.  We clicked this weekend, had fun.  You said it was fun to have fun with me.  I knew I’d win you over!

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