Introducing #BlogHer18 Health

Can you believe we are about to enter our fourth year of SheKnows Media and BlogHer produced conferences? From our first event together at #BlogHer15 in NYC to #BlogHerFood15 in Chicago, #BlogHer16 in LA, #BlogHerFood16 in Austin, and most recently, #BlogHer17 in sunny Orlando, it’s been such an honor to be a part of this community of inspiring women....more

Chelsea Clinton joins the #BlogHer17 Kick-Off Keynote on Thursday, June 22nd

It’s an honor to announce today that Chelsea Clinton is joining our this year's #BlogHer17 Kick-off Keynote on June 22nd.  Chelsea will sit down in conversation with previously announced Cecile Richards....more

SEO Expert Chloe Spencer: From BlogHer to Business!

Chloe Spencer, who will be heading up our SEO session at #BlogHer17 with Stephan Spencer (her dad!),  is an SEO and Online Marketing Specialist who has been running her own companies for eleven years. Her first-ever speaking engagement was at #BlogHer07 in Chicago when she was just sixteen years old! We wanted to catch up with Chloe and find out how that appearance changed the trajectory of her life over the past decade. ...more

Why You Should Join Us for #RockTheRedPump on March 10

It's March, which means it's time to put away your fuzzy boots and knock the dust off your red pumps for Luvvie Ajayi, the blogger behind Awesomely Luvvie and the co-founder of The Red Pump Project....more
I am in

On Your Career Journey, Get Help and Give Thanks

[Editor's note -- If you're changing careers, you're not in it alone. Chances are you've got a small army of helpers, possibly including a coach, teachers, outplacement specialist or mentor, past and present coworkers, family, friends - even the babysitter.This week in the Reinvent Yourself series we're examining how to cultivate such a career support system - and why you should always accept and thank people for help. -- Michelle V. Rafter]...more
You have right! Great job! Keep going! Try ad this new agency . ...more

The Future of Work Is Marching to Your Own Beat

This Week in Kaplan University's Visionary Voices video series: Bloggers have a leg up on other job hunters. Watch the video now!...more

Understand the Internet Strike: SOPA, PIPA and a Free Internet

Today, January 18, 2012, a number of web sites are going dark to protest two bills currently before Congress that, if passed, could have a chilling effect on freedom of the intenet. The bill in the House is H.R. 3261: The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), while the Senate bill, S.968: PROTECT-IP Act of 2011, is commonly known as PIPA. ...more
Seriously, doesn't congress have more important issues to deal with? Is taking over control of ...more

The 500 Blog Posts That Changed My Career

Sometime in June 2010, I pushed the "Publish" button on the 500th post on my blog. Those 500 blog posts changed my life – by helping me reinvent my career. In two and a half years, I went from stay at home mom to full-time journalist and blogger making a lot more than I ever did as a staff writer at a major daily newspaper. And it all happened because I blogged. ...more
I also want to change my career,but any how useful info. Hope to see more good posts in the future.more

In Recareering, What You Learn Today, You Earn Tomorrow

This Week in Kaplan University's Visionary Voices video series: To stay competitive in the workforce, you have to continually invest in your education -– especially if you're making a career change. Or as former U.S. Secretary of Labor Alexis Herman likes to say, "What you learn today is what you earn tomorrow." Watch the video now!...more
@Seanna Denee' Thank you so much for sharing this. If someone's trying to switch from one ...more

My Career Switch from Marketing to SAHM to Yoga Teacher

As my kids began leaving the nest, I found myself with time and energy that needed an outlet. I wanted to contribute and be part of something. My former corporate marketing career did not excite me, and frankly after raising a family, I wasn't sure I had the skills to go back to the same job. Instead, I started teaching yoga and love my new career. Here is how I reinvented myself:...more
@michellerafter I could use some reinvention...will take a look.more
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