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Commenting is a way for the reader and writer to interact on a blog. I wouldn't know anything about this relationship because I don't get any comments. I have taken seminars, engaged in multiple social media sites, and joined blogging groups, but none of these have helped.

I took Seminars on Blogging. They suggest placing actions in your posts. At the end, I always try to engage the reader by asking a question. I even make it Large and colorful so they can't miss it. This technic doesn't work, at least not for me!

When I say No Comments, I mean No comments from actual people. Those Spamming Bots harass at least 8 of my posts.  I have searched the settings, but couldn't find how to close commenting on these posts. I even tried a comment plug-in that monitors and filters them. It didn't help. People who actually wanted to comment on my posts couldn't because it rarely loaded right. I went back to using Blogger (Not Google+) commenting and added a verify code box. This has slowed down the Spamming, but not completely stopped it. 

I use Social Media Sites to promote my daily posts. The only problem I have with this is the readers comment on the social media sites and not the blog. They have to click the link, read the article, and then navigate back to the posting on the social media site to comment. Some great debate have transpired on Twitter and Facebook at the same time, but the readers couldn't interact wiht one another, I felt like a go-between delivering messages.

By joining Blogher and Triberr, I was suppose to gain a group of Supporters and Blogging Family that helped me along the way. However, I haven't experianced any of that this past year. I do my part of commenting, liking, and sharing content of others, but feel the love isn't returned.

Recently, my sister stated a Blog, actually two, and gained a group of supporters. These women are nice enough. They occassionally view my postings and leave comments. But I know they are only doing this to apease my sister.

 I get traffic, not millions of views a day, but some steady traffic along with a few adsense clicks everyday. Is it wrong for me to demand Comments too?


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