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I have to admit right up front, I'm not a blogger who gets really excited or really bummed about blog comments. I love and appreciate the comments that I get but I spend next to no time worrying about whether a post has comments or not. I don't blog for comments and I spend enough time knee deep in metrics to know that comments do not necessarily indicate success or good writing.

Having said that, I'm going to tell you that there are some comments that have made me scream with glee and there have been some comments that have caused me to scrap what I was blogging and blog something else entirely. This is one of those posts - I was blogging about moving and kids and school but something happened so here I am, blogging about comments.

Way back in 2005 I had a relatively new blog, Daily Dose of Denise. I had just made the commitment to BE a blogger rather than someone who blogged occasionally as an online community experiment when Nancy White commented on my blog. Even though Nancy has commented on my blog several times since that day, has linked me on more than one occasion and I've met her in person, I was still tempted to type that as OMG NANCY WHITE COMMENTED ON MY BLOG! It was just that big of a deal to this community geek.

Now if that's not enough to get someone excited, a couple of days later Scoble commented on my blog. And yes, once again, I was tempted to over-use the caps even though I no longer read his blog or follow his twitter or his friend feed. It's still cool to me that he commented.

I also fondly remember the day that Beth Kanter emailed me about teaching poetry because of a comment I left about something she'd said. (8/9/05 - I still have the email!) That was really huge to me. THE Beth Kanter! Now I think about that and I laugh because I work with Beth and I've met her many times. Still, it was a huge day for me.

I've had some other commenters who have just made my day because of WHO they are: Mary McDonough who played Erin on The Waltons. Rick Riordin's wife - he writes the children's book series about Percy Jackson.

There's my history with celebrity (or almost celebrity or celebrity just to me) commenters. It's been awhile since I've had one of those types of comments but today my partner had one...

CRESCENT DRAGONWAGON COMMENTED ON TW'S BLOG! errr sorry. See, I'm excited. I had the pleasure of informing TW of this momentous occasion because I saw the comment first. I yelled across the desk to TW when I saw it. And then, I tweeted it. And now, I keep saying it over and over again. It's awesome. Blogging just does NOT get more exciting than that.

Have you had a "celebrity" or a "celebrity to you" comment on your blog? Whose comment would make you jump up and down for joy? Now excuse me while I go yell it again a few more times...

Crescent Dragonwagon commented on TW's blog! Wow.

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