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Yesterday I emailed my blog site to my parents. 

I have a very close relationship with my parents, and yet for some reason, sharing my blog with them made me feel a bit self-conscious. 

I don't write anything embarrassing on my blog - in fact, I can pretty much guarantee that I talk about much more embarrassing things on the phone with my mom on a regular basis - so I'm not sure why I was so hesitant.  I won't blog any differently now that I know that family members might read something that I write.  I guess it's just that my parents are the first "real live people" who've seen my blog*.

I'm not sure why, exactly, this is.  Maybe I'm afraid that if people know that I write about myself every day, they'll think that I'm self-involved.  Which - let's admit it - actually might be kind of true.  Personal blogs are by nature rather self-involved.  That's what makes them fun.  But it might also be what makes them seem a bit strange to the world outside of the blogosphere.

My parents would never think that I'm overly self-involved (right?), but my dad has this habit of taking anything that I write and sharing it with everyone that he knows, however remotely.  Emails home during an overseas trip ended up printed in the local newspaper as a weekly feature.  I kid you not. 

It feels good to know that my dad is proud of me and wants to share what I'm doing with the world.  Still, I can't help but worry that the next time I walk down the street in my hometown, every person that I see will know that I write every day about things like oatmeal and cloth menstrual pads and the fact that I'm not very good at differentiating between clothes and pyjamas.  And let's face it - that's kind of weird.

*(Actually, I'm lying.  My husband knows about my blog.  He's even read a few posts.  And to be completely honest, I'm shocked that he doesn't read it regularly.  I mean, if he had a blog, I can pretty much guarantee that I'd be scouring it daily looking for mention  Instead, he seems quite happy to just glance over when I'm putting up pictures.  Men are a mystery.)

Do you share your blog openly with friends and family?


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