To Blog or Not to Blog, Is That Really a Question?

What is the point of a blog? Why do so many people devote so much time and effort onto a public forum? What is it that makes us want to divulge things about our lives and ourselves to the open internet that we won't even tell those closest to us? Especially, when they could just see the blog. People blog about all kinds of things… cooking, their kids, travel, work, or even literally make their blog their diary.  We seem to have a starving, maddening need to be seen, heard and most of all to be remembered. I think that is the one true reason for which people choose to blog. To be remembered. If one wanted attention just for the sake of the spotlight they would simply continue with the usual onslaught of social media updates giving a play by play of every second of their lives. Like anyone cares that your making a sandwich or needs to see the hundredth duck face pic of yourself in your bathroom. Side note, does no one have mirrors anywhere but there bathroom? Why do we need to see constant shots of you and your toilet? Oh right, for attention.

So why am I here making this blog and ranting on and on about blogging?

I'm no good with diary's I forget they exist and only write when I'm upset, otherwise I feel stupid trying to write about my boring routine life. My poems are nice to do but I don't get all that much inspiration often. I wrote fan fiction but only ever managed to finish 1 story ad left the rest untold. I guess I think that with this blog I can ramble on about random pointless things just as a way to inadvertently vent away the stress of the day.

It's worth a shot at least. I have no idea how often I'll post or if anything will relate or even make sense. Some days could be emotional drawn out vents, the next could be poems or quotes I randomly find. I just feel like I want to do this. So here I am. That's kind of the beauty of this being about blonde rambles randomly. I don't really have to be concerned with a relating theme besides randomness. So here goes nothing.

Ramble # 1. Complete.

~ Christina

"There is only one way to happiness, and that is to cease worrying things which are beyond the power of our will." - Epictetus


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