A Blog Post a Day....Take 2

NaBloPoMo 2011


A few months ago I stumbled upon a site that encouraged you to write a blog post a month. I admit that I didn't do so well in that outing. In fact during the month of July I even took a break from blogging. A three month break to be exact.

So I have decided to try AGAIN. November is actually National Blog Posting Month, though the site runs prompts all year long. So in honor of National Blog Posting Month, I am going to accept their challenge,  AGAIN. I am pledging to write a post everyday this month.

This months theme is Blogging for Blogging's SakeThankfully, If I don't have an idea of what I want to write about, the NaBloPoMo site will provide me with an idea. To start off the month of November, today's topic is:

What is your favorite part of writing....

For me, the actual act of writing is my favorite part of writing. Writing is my outlet. It's a way to take all of the thoughts and ideas floating in my head, and get them out. I'm forced to slow down and actually think things through. It provides a way for me to clear my mind, allowing me to make order out of the chaos.

It's also a way of remembering. Writing allows me to create a repository of memories, and experiences, both triumphs and failures that I can revisit whenever I want to or maybe even need to. It allows me to step outside of my head and look at situations from all angles, and possibly gain some much needed perspective.

I love to think of writing as my own personal pensieve.  A Pensieve was a device  created by J.K Rowling for her Harry Potter series. If you read the books then you know that the pensieve was a stone bowl filled with silvery liquid. A person could extract memories and deposit them in the pensieve for later use. In essence it helped keep a mind clear and allowed the user to retrieve the memory at a later time.

Whether the topic that I choose to write about has a positive or negative vibe; I am always left with more clarity and a better perspective when I finish. I feel so much lighter, as if a weight has been lifted. Maybe that's because the thoughts are no longer running around in my head. Yet, I know that they are available to me if I still have need of them. This is why "writing" is my favorite part of writing....

What is your favorite part of writing??


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