Blog Swarm: Protesting Maternal Deaths

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If you live in Knoxville, Tennessee you may see a fake funeral procession on Mother's Day the day before Mother's Day. This fake funeral procession is being organized to protest abortion.

ShortWoman and The Crone Speaks are calling for a funeral procession that represents women who died from forced pregnancies or poor maternal health care.

Well, comments ensued, and it has been resolved that we will honor the women who died from pregnancy. We will honor the lives ruined or outright ended by forced pregnancy. We will honor the children brought into this world to unwilling or unable parents.

Kathy Peterson has some questions about the phrase "forced pregnancy".

My definition of a forced pregnancy is one in which the woman was, you know, forcibly impregnated. She calls it “forced” pregnancy, when women are “coerced” into not having an abortion [but of course, I guess women are never coerced into having an abortion (p. 37)?? And, so much for having a "choice," huh? Isn't remaining pregnant a "choice", or is abortion the only "choice"?], or do not have easy access to an abortionist. I don’t consider a pregnancy that results from consensual sex to be “forced,” and furthermore, I think it is a slap in the face to victims of sexual assault to speak of a consensual act as being “forced.”

What do you think about both of these planned protests? Would you participate in either? Would you blog in support or against either protest?

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