Of Blogger Friends That Have Left an Imprint on Our Hearts

Since I began blogging, almost one year and a half ago, I’ve made virtual blogger friends that have come to mean very much to me. They’ve left an obvious imprint on my heart. But some of these dear blogger friends have not blogged in quite some time, and I want them to know that they are so very deeply missed. You, my dear, dear friends, know who you are. You became a part of my daily blogging life; you became my blogging Compadres; we became kindred Amigas!

Your daily and faithful visits, your comments, not to mention my reading your posts, they were the fuel to keep me going. They were the fire in my mind and heart that gave me wonderful assurance that someone was indeed listening. My words were not just being sent out into the void. You cared what I had to say. You listened to the ramblings of my heart: be they funny or sad or just simply off-the-wall!

Thank you for always having been there for me! Now I’d like to be there for you, if can!

For the sake of your privacy, mi Amigas, your names will not be mentioned here. Nor will I bombard you or pressure you with questions. Because, as one who blogs very regularly, I also understand the need to take time off, or even the desire to distance oneself from writing—taking a long needed hiatus. And sometimes it is an unexpected life altering situation that is the culprit.

Please hear me now, Amigas, you are terribly missed. You have gone and left a void in my heart. But I love you, my dear friends! Please hurry back, many of us wait with open arms and great anticipation!

We dream a life to be; we live to dream that life! (vka)


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