Blogger Memoir: Two Kisses for Maddy

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Editor's Note: In his book Two Kisses for Maddy, released last Friday, Matt Logelin of Matt, Liz and Madeline writes of how he met and married his high school sweetheart, Liz. They had a baby, Maddy. Liz died from complications from the birth, the day after Maddy was born. Matt found himself blogging his transformed life -- and found an online community to support him in his loss.

The book has a more narrative format than Matt's telegraphically poetic blog style (which has always reminded me a little of Archy and Mehitabel), but with the same forthright, funny, and vivid voice; he's a blogger, father and survivor … and he's also a damn good writer, as you can see. -- Julie

two kisses for maddy trailer from matthew logelin on Vimeo.

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Two Kisses for Maddy book cover

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