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I'm all for commitments and daily practice. It's the best way to get things done and to center our attention. No arguments there. But I'm also all for breaking commitments. Life happens. Things change. Hedonists revert to our true nature despite best intentions. Reality interupts fantasy. Commmitments imply that we can see into the future and control it with our will, and life always straightens us out on that one. Women flock to commitments like money rolls toward the gas station. Our culture trained us to behave this way with good attendance certificates. And writers have a long history of self-flagulation and complex rituals about how and when to write. Together, we put the M into the S/M, the control in mission control. Look at us in November. A busy month, with huge holiday pressures looming, and over 6,000 of us decide to try to NaBloMoPo ourselves by posting every day. Countless more are trying to knock out a novel this month. A novel. In November. WTF? Admirable, maybe, but also a set up. I feel bad enough about my lack of abilities to fashion a homemade fall bouquet to grace my Teflon Chef holiday spread--and now I feel like a failure for falling down on the NaBloMoPo job. Others feel the same way, or feel like a loser because their posts have devolved into guttural noises. Salt in the wound--no prizes for NaBloPoMo dropouts. Hedonists like me love prizes. And the folks who just couldn't do it, or had hard life things happen--these are just the women who need prizes. It's like being at a birthday party, pinning the donkey tail on the bottom of the kid's mom, and then having her exclude you from the goodie bags! I want my freaking goodie bag, lady! So I'm throwing a giveaway at my blog in celebration of Failure. Of Broken Promises. Of Just Not Getting It All Done. Of Letting Life Interupt Your Plans. Of the freedom that comes from saying I'm Not Perfect. Bite Me. Are you a Failure? Welcome!


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