10 Efficient Ways to Successfully Market Your Business on Instagram

It's official. Instagram is now bigger and has more users than Twitter. You know what that means, right? ...more

8 Easy Tips to Balance Parenting and Blogging

I have been known to spend too much time on the computer. The phrase my husband tells me is "unplug yourself." But it's important for bloggers to spend time with their family. It is easy to get swallowed up by your blog and all the work it takes. I sometimes consider it job. I sometimes would rather be at home trying to make money by working on the blog instead of being at work. Coworkers do not always understand what I am talking about when I talk about my blog. Maybe only other bloggers can understand blog talk. So this is how I structure my post-work blogging time. ...more

My Most Used Social Media Sites

 Today on my blog, I'm sharing my favorite social media sites and how I use them to promote my various blogposts and YouTube videos! This will be helpful for any blogger/YouTuber.Check it out here!...more

13 Things I've Learned About Blogging

My last blog post was my 400th.FOUR. HUNDRED.Do you know how much writing that is?!  How many times I had to try to come up with something new and creative and interesting and funny and worth posting?  ...more
creativebynight1 YES!  I totally agree with you.  I "like" all the baby pics and the milestone ...more

Blogging Tips & Tricks + Giveaway


Writing: Adventures of a social media illiterate technophobe.

In a fit of spasmodic enthusiasm I joined a variety of social media stuff I have not an inkling about. I’m convincing myself I can be social media savvy and cool as the hipster 20 somethings who wear plaid skinny pants and large amounts of multicolored medical gauze wrapped around their necks, forever engrossed in their expensive tablet-phone-camera gadget thingy.Okay maybe I don’t wanna look like that....more

Top 5 Networks for Mom Bloggers

I have found that for mom bloggers like myself, it is difficult to find great networks that don't give you a bunch of spammy and irrelevant campaigns for you to share with your awesome readers....more
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This is a question that has been plaguing writers and content creators for a while. With the advent of SEO and SMO practices (Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Optimisation, to me and you), there has been a huge shift in content creation parameters, online....more

Blogging: How to be Good at it

What makes a good blog? That's the million dollar question hounding bloggers across the globe. Going digital has gone to the next level thanks to blogosphere. A blog is basically a multi utility diary that makes your presence felt, and gives you the space to let the world know what you are thinking (and why) in about 300 words per post (or even more!) So let's find out what makes a blog, really good:...more