Fifteen Ways to Break the Block

Every few weeks I find myself staring at my computer wondering what the heck I’m going to write about. I might panic for a moment or two that I have nothing left to write about, but usually once I start typing I come up with something.About every six months or so I suffer from an epic case of writer’s block. Last year I developed a no-fail strategy to ban the block which I graciously share with you today.Please feel free to use one or all of these tips if you find yourself looking at a blank screen:...more

Fresh Start with a Rested Mind

Last year around this time, I couldn't see straight. TS was only a week old and life had taken a speedy turn into something my husband and I had never experienced before. During the hectic postpartum stages of being a new mom, I couldn't imagine finding a calm routine....more

List: 6 Reasons Why I Won't Blog For Free

Here’s an unapologetic fact about me: I don’t work for free. This means when I’m pitched a product to review, a site to visit, or an “opportunity” that involves me posting something on my blog for someone else's benefit, I ask (but in much savvier terms): Are you paying me? And if the answer is “no,” then it’s also a, “No thank you.” Receiving gratis products in the mail can be super tempting but here’s why I won’t work for free: ...more
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The Blog Got a Facelift.

If you've been reading the blog for awhile now, you've probably noticed that its been through a few changes. First, it moved from to self-hosted. Then I bought a new theme for it. And as of yesterday, it has another new design.I know, most bloggers stick to one theme and run with it (branding 101). But to be honest, when I went self-hosted, I didn't know what I wanted. So I bought a simple theme off of Etsy, installed it and attempted to figure everything out. The more I dove into it, the more I discovered that it wasn't nearly as customizable as I wanted it to be....more

Let's talk!

 When I was a kid, sometimes my mom would overhear me asking friends, family, (people I just met), very personal questions....more

Daily Reads


Preserving Online Content: Notes from the Geek Bar at BlogHer '14

In preparing to lead a Geek Bar session about Preserving Your Online Content, I posted some notes on how to do this—and some background on why I felt this was an important topic for BlogHer '14— on my blog, Obi-Wan Kimberly Is Your Only Hope. I'm duplicating the technical notes here for the entire BlogHer community....more

The Ugly Side of Blogging

Blogging is usually a lot of fun. You can write just about anything you want — from your heart, your head, or your funny bone. And the whole world is out there; you never know who will read your posts. Will the message cheer them up? Will it make them laugh? Will it inspire them or motivate them to do something?...more

Blogging Tips from a Newbie

  (Come visit my blog today for great projects, printables, recipes and more!)...more

Weekly User Generated Political Writing Contest

We invite Blogher bloggers to particpate in a contest on The Politicus. All content posted on 8/8/14 (12am est) - 9/4/14 (11:59pm est) is eligible to win a cash prize each week. The rules are simple, post and share as much content as you can and you will receive points per content submission. The users with the most points will win....more