7 Tips to Make Your Blog User Friendly

There are several things about the layout and appearance of a blog, as well as accessibility of social media following options, that I always take notice of when visiting other blogs. They are things that guide my own blog layout, so I obviously like them. Some of the following tips are my personal preference, others I've noticed on successful blogs, and then some I have taken under advisement from other credible sources. It makes sense to want readers to find your blog easy to navigate. The last thing you want is to have someone get frustrated and click away when something compelled them to come over in the first place. Besides, if you're not writing to be read and interacted with, why are you writing on the Internet? ...more
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Celebrating a Decade of Blogging

Just a few months ago I celebrated my Ten Year Blogiversary - an entire decade (can you believe it?!) of sharing my life and thoughts online via a series of blogs that eventually brought me to this corner of the internet - Alphabet Salad, my beloved online home. ...more

The First BlogHer Post

While I'm new to BlogHer, I am most definitely not new to blogging. I began my blog in 2011 as a means to express myself after completing graduate school.This is not a real post. This is simply a 'Hi! Nice to meet you!' post to get myself acquainted with the BlogHer blogging capabilites and community. ...more
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Gee I Love Blogging!

Back-in-the-day, some 30 years ago now, I made my living as a newspaper reporter. And I truly enjoyed it. My 'beat' was Lifestyle and it included doing many interviews on quite a variety of topics. Loved interviewing. Still do.The magic for me now is blogging. For me 'the blog' fills the place the newspaper page used to park. I can still write; still have my words 'published;' still have fans who appreciate what I write. And, best of all...I can still interview....more

blogging resources i couldn't live without

When I started my blog nearly two years ago, I had no idea all the work that goes into it. You don't just think up something clever, post it and have a million readers. You need to make your posts pretty and thought out, promote on social media and network your booty off. It's not the way to overnight success, so we all need all the help we can get. Here are just a few of the blogging resources that I couldn't live (or blog) without....more

Social Media Marketing Tips For Building A Business

For a social media marketing plan to work, it is necessary to have a target audience established, a way of contacting them, and a service or product that is in demand....more

Building your Audience Doesn't Have to Be Hard - 5 simple steps to success!!!

How do you grow a readership that keeps coming back for more? How do you cultivate an atmosphere of "hominess" so that visitors will want to return? How do you go about building an audience who wants to hear? I believe that this takes several things working together. Neither will guarantee success but may get you further in your blogging reach....more