Email Done Right: Still the Most Effective Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses

Email marketing, when done right, is the most cost effective way to build and expand your business.Email marketing, when done wrong , is the biggest waste of time, money...and electrons....more

Your Reasons for Blogging - thoughts for staying on track!

Have you ever blogged about a topic that wasn't close to your heart or an interest? I'm not talking about sponsored posts. I'm talking about those posts you write in order to gain more traffic. I'm talking about those holiday posts you write in hopes of siphoning some of the holiday traffic that are searching for holiday gift guides or holiday recipes. I've found that in my desire for more traffic (and thus more income) I have written about topics that hold no value or interest to me. In sure faith that I will achieve great success I talk myself into writing these blog posts....more

Writer Voice, meet Video Persona

I’m setting up a blind date for my writing voice and my video persona. I think they’ll really like each other…they just need to get in the same room for once. In fact, I’m so confident that they’re a good match that I’m going to film every Goddamn session until they decide to consciously couple or never ever speak to each other again.Here’s why I’m temporarily getting into match-making....more

BlogHer 2014 Recap: 8 Things I Learned from the Conference

I was so excited to be able to attend the BlogHer 2014 Conference this year. It did not disappoint. I really enjoyed it and looking forward to attending more BlogHer conferences in the future....more

Making Friends Online

Like many folks who are active in social media or blogging, I spend a lot of time "meeting" and forming relationships with people online. All kinds of people, for all kinds of reasons. I've met employers through friendly e-mail exchanges, made quality acquaintances over Twitter, industry contacts through blogging, and actual friends via Instagram....more
I love this SO much!  I just recently made some wonderful friends online via a group on ...more

Blog Guilt {3 things to tell youself when you just don't have the time}

I have found myself struggling to fit in the time to blog recently....more
shopping_links BlogHer I loved reading this article! Quality definitely trumps quantity!!more

Is Blogging Becoming Harder, Or Is It Just Me?

Is it just me, or is blogging starting to feel like work?Less than a minute ago, I blogged about how to manage stress because I was starting to feel really stressed out. I realized that the more I knew about blogging, the more effort I had to put into it to reach out to readers....more

Why I Love Wordless Wednesday

Call it fluff, call it meaningless, call vacant or inane. Call it whatever you'd like, I will continue to call it Wordless Wednesday.Yes, Wordless Wednesday is sometimes used by some (lazy, not-so-creative) bloggers as a means to fill space. A meaningless post with a date attached to it; the only thing validating its existence. Some ("my blog is a business only") bloggers believe #WorldessWednesday is silly and unprofessional. They argue that it devalues your blog by taking up precious real estate. I agree to disagree....more

Three things on my mind as a BlogHer '14 newbie

 Who's going to BlogHer '14? This gal!...more
I'm a newbie too and I'm excited to see Kerry Washington as well.  I'm feeling a little ...more