5 Easy Things You Can Do to Be a Blogging Success

I've always believed that what you put out in the world will come back to you, and I try to keep that in mind in my personal and professional life. I just don't see the point in putting out the negative. One place doing the right thing pays off in spades? Blogging. In my 5+ years of blogging, I've learned a lot, but the number one thing is that community is SO important. ...more
What goes around comes around...  Very true :)  Nice post.more

I Wrote A Blog Post – Now What?

You’ve taken a big step and created a blog for your small business. Congratulations! Blogging is an excellent way to create focused content about your products and services. But once you’ve got a post ready, what steps should you take next?...more

What My 3 Year Old Taught Me About Brand Marketing

Brand marketing is vital to businesses, blogs, and even individuals. However, branding can be confusing....more

Why I Switched to Wordpress

 Why I Switched to WordPressIf you have ever been to my previous blog, www.stampinmindy.net you are probably wondering why I switched to WordPress after 8 years on Blogger. Well, after 8 years it was time to move on, time to grow. I have used my blog as a crafter and design team member ONLY!...more

How Do You Find Your Blog Niche?

Every blogger needs to find their niche, an area to hone and pull in their target readership. Finding that niche is not always easy. I have been trying to find my niche for several months. Here are four things I have discovered along the way. ...more
As a newish (6 months) blogger, I found your post very helpful. I have found my niche but I do ...more

Should You Blog About Your Kids?

There are so many poignant, important blogs I could write right now about the struggles and triumphs of my children as they blossom into full-fledged big kids. I have words of comfort for other parents. I have tales of trials and tribulations. I have questions about how to handle these phases now that my kids are old enough to fully and loudly voice their opinions about my parenting. But I can't. ...more
Couldn't have said it better myself.  I struggle with this constantly.  I think it takes much ...more

Why Your Business Should Not Start a Blog

At one time the advice  given to businesses, and individual is that they should start a blog.  It was the business strategy to embark on that we heard over and over.  In that time, the internet exploded with information and websites. Many sites and blogs never make it into the first 120 pages of Google let alone the first few pages.  Yet many believed that from writing a blog one would be able to draw traffic to their site and also present themselves as an authority.  For those in ministry it was a way to get their message out to the public....more

Summer Instagram Challenge

 I'm thrilled it's summer! Thrilled! Okay, not officially summer, but summer enough for me....more

Accidental S'mores Fudge

Who doesn’t love s’mores? Anytime I’m around folks who start roasting marshmallows for this yummy treat it brings back childhood memories of camping and stuffing myself silly on chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers. I came up with my own twist, so try out Accidental S'mores Fudge for an amazing summer dessert!Click here for the recipe  ...more