5 Tips for Taking a Great Headshot With Just Your iPhone

See that photo of me at the top of the page? I took it. And while I love my Nikon, and I know I can take amazing photos with it, I took that headshot with my iPhone. I swear. One day, I know I'm going to call Jody Mack, my very favorite local photographer, and have her take "real" headshot pictures of me to go in my sidebar and on my About page. (They probably be so good that I'll even want them on my business cards.) But in the meantime, bloggers need to know that you can take a headshot with just your iPhone (or any smart phone) and get quality professional results. ...more
Hah! Love it! I too take "professional" selfies. Love the headphone/shutter tip!more

Hitting the Snooze Button

Right Now I am boiling Chicken Breasts ...no really I am doing that. There is salt, pepper, and Butter. Its all I got right now that I can commit to memory for a receipe for boiling chicken. There is more butter and salt than pepper but I adjusted the heat and will add more pepper before I finish. That is my problem suddenly the hard drive in my brain is going "PPPFFFFTTTT". ...more


There I stood, in the middle of Times Square, completely exposed.The backpack slung over my shoulder was the only coverage I had. Swinging the bag across the front of my body, I tried to figure out which was the better side to cover. ...more

WordPress.com to .org Transfer: Blogging Journey

Blogging is definitely a journey of growth and lessons. This is my WordPress.com to .org transfer story.Background...more

5 Tips For Writing A Traffic-Inducing Teaser Post

Originally Published on Beyond Your BlogWhat is a teaser post and why would I want to write one?A teaser post is a post on your blog, that redirects the reader to another site.  The idea is that when you have your work featured on another site, you can write a short post on your own blog to send readers to the place where your work has been featured....more

How to Get Organic Traffic to your Blog?

Hello friends, This is my second post on Blogher after "Why I Love Blogging", where I explained the reason of my love with blogging. Today, I am going to give you some tips to get organic traffic to your blog and I am giving all the tips according to my experience. So, all tips are tried and tested....more
Thanks for the tips yet it seems that all I got for readers is the Google bot ...though I think ...more

Why I love Blogging?

Hello, I am Atinder S Gill from My Blogger World. This one is my first post on blogher. So, I decided to introduce myself and why I love blogging.First of all, I am from a little city of India where no one knows anything about blogging and that's why I like this field. Because I want myself to become a role model in my city. But this is not the only reason why I love Blogging? There are Many More....more

Create Fabulous Pinterest Board Covers with Canva!

Want to Make Your Pinterest Boards Shine?...more

Blogging Is Like Dating