Internet Eye-Opener

Sometimes I just don't know how much I rely on the internet. When my father's internet wasn't working properly and he made the decision to change providers last week, I wasn't able to use my computer on the internet. That was tough. It's already tough being out of my regular routine, though I'm slowly establishing an adapted one more and more. It's been tough knowing how much I try to work on my blog and then life happens, keeping me somewhat from continuing how I'd been going. I'm even having trouble writing in general (post upcoming)....more

Visible Monday, Maybe

I totally get the idea of feeling like you're invisible as a post 50, or even 45, year old woman.  I did a video on it. You can see it at     I know a lot of women feel this and it can't help but impact us.  As if we need anything more to make us more insecure, have low self-esteem, etc., etc.  Social media may hold answers for thoe of us suffering from invisibility syndrome....more

Why do you have a blog?

Out in the Boonies

I get really frustrated with the internet and the blog.I know WordPress is normally a pretty reliable blogging platform, but when you are lout here on a mountain, well, you have to hope the gods of the internet are on your side, I guess. I tried to blog last night and there was no way in hell the internet was letting me on this site.Oh well.We are having a wonderful time with our friends and enjoying their hospitality.Our girls get along pretty eel with their girls and life is good.Enjoy your Sunday!...more

Why do you write?

The other day I experienced one of those wonderful moments when something I had been struggling to write suddenly gelled into relative perfection, and the resulting onrush of joy prompted me to exclaim loudly and impulsively, "I LOVE WRITING!" My husband, who had heard me but didn't say anything much at the time, must have remembered and been thinking about it, as he asked me today, curious, what it was I loved so much about writing. Without a moment of hesitation, I was able to answer. ...more
AuthorVRouse Thank you! I'll check it out!more

We're Thinking About Social Media All Wrong

As bloggers, we live for traffic and comments. We hope our content goes viral. We slave over our words and hope that the following we've amassed on social media will be enough to spread it across the web.Most of us think of our blog as the cog in the center of the wheel. Our social media profiles all lead to it. "All roads lead to Rome right?"Wrong....more

Mummy Drivel

I have become aware of a writing flaw, an annoying self-righteous, ego centric point of view, often found on mother’s blogs, especially Christian mums, called Mummy Drivel.Mummy Drivel:definition: Constant analysis of  how to become a better mother combined with a narrow focus on self and one’s children to the exclusion of any other topic. Similar to other writing traps such as Intellectual Drivel, Self Growth Drivel and Techie Drivel....more

Random observations on life in the blogosphere

Blog for awhile (say, ten years, for example!) and you'll start to notice some overall trends and truths that generally seem to apply to life in the blogosphere. Just for fun, I've gathered several of the observations I've made about my own experiences as a blogger - both the joys and the frustrations - and thought I'd share them with you. ...more

How to Use Instagram for Visual Blogging

The last thing I thought I needed when Instagram came around was another social platform. The answer to "If all of your friends download an app, does that mean you have to?" is, more often than I'd care to admit, "Yes." In this case it was a win, though, because it wasn't long before I realized that Instagram was exactly what I needed, as much as anyone can need a visually driven mobile social app.This is a nicer, more roundabout way of saying that I am addicted to Instagram....more
BethAtStructure  I agree with you on the interaction, plus I get to look at pictures. Win-win.more