Writing Online When Your Family Opposes It

I lived the career version of Sex and the City, jumping from one rebound job to another in search of the “right one.” For 15 years I refused to truthfully answer the question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Image: Seth Sawyers via Flickr...more
Me too.  Me too.more

I Write to Live and Live to Write

When I started my 365 project, I had no idea how it would really affect my life and the lives of my immediate family. My project would entail a total re-shift of my priorities this year and within a month, it was evident around my house. ...more

Should You Start a Blog?

I have been asked many times by many people whether or not to start a blog for financial gain, and so here’s the truth. If you are asking me this question, my answer is going to be an unequivocal NO. No, you should not even contemplate starting a blog if you are on the fence and need to ask someone if it is worth it. If your plan is solely to make money, and not enjoy the act of writing. I clearly think that it IS worth it, but here are some things I also know. ...more
lorilovesparis I am sorry to hear about your job loss. That is no fun. There is definitely money ...more

5 Benefits of Unplugging for the Weekend

It happened by accident, actually. A few weekends ago, my family and I escaped to a cottage on San Onofre Beach for the weekend. Sand, surf and some sun? What could go wrong? A few minutes into the stay, though, I realized the cottage lacked one "s": Safari, or, to be more broad, Internet access. What's a blogger and social media lover to do? Well, as it turns out, have an amazingly relaxing weekend and learn five benefits of unplugging from the Internet for a few days. It Gives You Perspective ...more
Great post on the benefits of unplugging. It's an amazing thing to do at least once a month, ...more

New Changes to Twitter and Character Counts

Creating masterful tweets in 140 characters can lead to frustration but also enhance one's ability to write concisely. Now, Twitter is making common sense changes that will help writers and bloggers promote their thoughts and gain more followers. In a nutshell, Twitter is not counting certain parts of a tweet -- such as @usernames or links to an image -- toward the overall 140-character count. ...more
kristalmarie You welcome. I am glad you found the information useful.more

Back to Blogging Basics: Just Write!

On discovering THE BIG QUESTION about why we blog, how to reset, start at the very beginning, and JUST WRITE....more

How to Grow Your Business with Less Investment

Entrepreneurship is the latest trend in today’s time. Everyone wants to display their talent and earn for themselves. We love it when we receive the fruit of our hard work. Investing in a business is a risk in itself; it is not just a full-time job, but it includes a fair amount of financial investment based on the nature of work or services you intend to provide....more

6 Ways You Can Be a Great Guest Poster

Bloggers are advised that one way to grow an audience is to guest post on other sites and blogs. Whether you end up working with the blogger herself or with a site's editor (like, say, on BlogHer), and once your offer to write has been accepted, here are 6 things you need to know to be a good guest in someone else's writing space. ...more
Great question, Haralee .  I’ve asked a few others who agree with me on these two acceptable ...more

On Procrastination & Priorities

My computer and I have been having a standoff of sorts. Up ’til now, the computer has been winning. I walk by it, it blinks, I keep walking.  I scan email on my phone and mark it “unread” until later. I have all but shunned technology as of late.  I mean, I still troll Instagram and Facebook, I’m not a total hermit, but I’ve shunned all tech that asks me to be responsible....more

I Finally "Took to Twitter"

A decade ago when Twitter was this fun new thing, I jumped aboard like a hip wanna-be Gen-Xer. I was such a late bloomer with everything else, it felt great to be riding on the Millenial bandwagon. Thinking of tweets consumed my mind more than I care to admit. ...more