You Wanna Be a Writer? Start a Blog!

I am often asked how I was able to “break into” the writing business. I am fortunate that I now consider myself a freelance writer who makes money writing. But this was not always the case. It’s been a process of many years, difficult struggles, and attempting several different writing projects. But when people ask me how they can do the same, I always say the same thing: start a blog....more

What's Different About Blogging?

Just as fiction and nonfiction are different, prose and poetry are different, and romance and science fiction are different, blogging is not exactly like any other form of writing.For the casual or non-professional blogger, those who aren't trying to build a platform as a subject matter expert or make money from a blog, the writing in a blog will likely not conform to any particular style of writing.Here are some of the kinds of writing you often find in blogs....more

7 Sites Want Your Photos and Photo Essays!

Originally Published on Beyond Your BlogI’ve been surprised to find out how many bloggers and writers are also photographers, both amateur and professional. If this describes you, consider submitting your photos and photo essays to some of the publications listed here....more

How to Set Attainable Goals

In December of last year, I started to really evaluate where I wanted to be in life and what I wanted out of life and most importantly I started to think about how I was going to go about getting there.If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times, little by little becomes a lot. Anything in life is ultimately made up of a million little pieces. Each piece builds to make a result. Small accountable actions are what get you to where you land....more

5 Steps to Letting Go of Your Focus on Blog Stats

You know it's a bad idea to get obsessed with your blog stats, but how do you stop it from happening? Image: Blue Fountain Media via Flickr via Creative Commons license How to Know You're Obsessed You are in a crabby mood; glum facial expression, stomping about, loud sighing and you have let the odd door slam shut. ...more
Thanks for the reminder.more

5 Stages: Letting Go of Your Blog Stats Obsession

Emotional Attachment to Blog Stats. You are in a crabby mood; glum facial expression, stomping about, loud sighing and you have let the odd door slam shut. Anyone would think you'd just received some bad news; like being told you didn't get your dream job or being told your car is going to cost a small fortune to repair at the garage or being forced to watch your beloved pet cat finally decide to go live with the woman up the street who it has been secretly cuddling (behind your back) for years....more

I Don't Have A Lot of Followers, But My Blog Still Has Value

The very first conversation I had at my very first BlogHer went something like this: Stranger: Hi! What do you blog about? Me: I write a sex blog. Stranger: What's the URL? Me: Stranger: Opens up a website I've never seen before, types in my web address, examines statistics that pop up, looks disappointed, closes his computer and walks away without saying another word. ...more
Thank your for the reminder. So true and so good to be reminded.more

Bucket List Destination: Indonesia

  Do you believe in signs? How about synchronicity?Those unexplainable yet obvious occurrences that happen (when you least expect it) yet they make you stop and make you wonder. Well, I have been seeing signs and noticing them so in the past few days....more