Networking Is Awkward. What's the Secret to Making It Easier?

Hola amigos! So last week I went to my first ever blogger’s conference, which actually ended up being a conference for young entrepreneurial women of all fields (not just bloggers).I’m glad I went, and there was one quote that really stuck with me from it (“Your passion is going to keep coming back to you over and over until you connect with it, because that’s who you are” — how great is that?)...more

Conquering Self-Doubt: How To Survive When You Hate Your Writing

If you are a person who needs to write things, you know there can be a lot of downsides. Rejection. Feeling like you will never be as good as you want to be. Lying awake in the middle of the night with things you know you need to write down immediately because they’ll be gone by morning and you’ll hate yourself. The frustration you feel when it doesn’t come out right, or no one reads it, or people read it and 100 people say it’s great but one person says it’s awful and all you can think about is that one mean person who’s opinion you wish you didn’t care about....more

How to Brand Yourself on Social Media Immediately

Aside from getting your color scheme, fonts, and writing voice perfected, how how do you go about branding yourself across social media? Today, I share a post on The SITS Girls, "What Is A Personal Brand?" and share solid steps to solidify a personal brand. In this post, I will share how that looks, specifically on social media platforms. ...more

Alaska: Whale Watching Cruise

First of all, HAPPY EASTER! Christ has risen and it's a glorious day! (Of course, it decided to dump 3 inches of snow on us last night for no apparent reason, but who cares.) Everything in the house is bright and colorful and flowers everywhere and good smelling candy and food and cookies and AHHHHHHHH I'M SO EXCITED....more

5 Free Photos From Me To You

I take so many photos and only use so many of them that I figured I'd offer them free: just for you! I like to use these when I'm making how-to posts or just want a pretty, high quality image to decorate my post. You know what they say: never make a post without a photo! :) Without further ado - free photos for you!...more

Why You Should Ditch Social Media Buttons on Your Blog

Ditching social media buttons sounds like blogging insanity, right? After all, aren't we supposed to engage daily through social media if we ever expect our blogs to go anywhere? I've always heard that social media is the secret to successful blogging. Maybe yes and maybe no. While it's true that many bloggers became successful through social media, I think that is becoming more and more difficult every day. ...more
We should get together sometime if you'd help me figure out how to set it all up. I get your ...more

You Can Do Anything for Ten Minutes

You know what writers call research, right? Scrolling through Facebook. I half joke, because it's partially true. I was scrolling through Facebook today hoping to find a prompt, an idea, a sort of inspiration to jump start my blog post scheduled for that day. I put my finger on the brake pad when I saw this entry from a friend: ...more
Great story, and when you write more of it, I want to know!more


BlogHer Writing prompt: Set a spring resolution: What is one thing you’re going to do differently this spring to grow as a blogger?Well if there is one thing that writing daily for the last 20 days has taught me, it’s that readers like consistency. When I started this blog I wasn’t really sure what I was doing. I was directionless and honestly very intimidated by the mommy blogging world. It still is overwhelming at times....more

Dancing in the Rain [Poem with Painting]

After my blog post last night, I was still thinking about the painting and was moved to write a poem. Again, I’m not a great poet by any stretch of the imagination but I have fun with it and write what I feel. I hope you appreciate it....more

Quit your Blog and Get a Website Instead

 Starting a blog seemed like such a great idea didn’t it? An online presence, the possibility to make a modest income for your family and the ability to do it all from your favourite nook at home seemed too fantastic to pass up.Buuut, something’s not going quite as it should.Blogging is hard, damn hard. You’ve sacrificed family time, sleeping and washing to find time to blog. You’ve worked your butt off. That wouldn’t be so bad if you were making more than a couple of dollars every few months. But you’re not....more