Blog Hop

To the person who recently left a comment asking me to participate in a blog hop:I am not really sure what a blog hop is.  I’ve been a fan of the Danny and the Juniors tune “At the Hop” for decades now, but I get the general impression that this has nothing to do with a high school dance.  My little grandniece likes to prance through the living room yelling “Hop, hop, hop!”  Just watching this from the couch exhausts me, but again, I have a feeling that this blog hop thing has nothing to do with physical fitness....more

The Countdown begin...

The countdown to the holidays has just begun. I have to start shopping for the holidays. For several people it’s too soon, but having a big family is never too early. Usually I make my first layaway the day after Halloween starting with the three oldest. After that, I do the little ones so they have more time to think what they want. They loved to write a few letters one to Santa (the big letter) and the other to their grandparents (one gift). My last gift to buy it will be for my husband after 31 years of marriage it’s getting difficult to obtain something special for him....more

How Long to Wait to Decorate

I’m slightly at war with myself. Well, that’s kind of a constant state for me for lots of reasons, but there’s a particular reason right now why I’m getting anxious.I want to start decorating my apartment for Christmas, but I know it’s still ridiculously early for that!I know, it’s silly to be at war with myself over something so trivial in the grand scale of things. But there it is....more

On being Envious of Other Bloggers

It's a natural part of humanity to have a little bit of envy for others.  They may have the clothes, the lifestyle, the home, or the car that we want.  A little bit of envy never hurt anyone- it gives you goals to work toward....more
patriciaappelquist Thanks!  They're from a couple of my favorite blogsmore

The Golden Comment

In our monthly Southern Bloggers Jubilee meeting today we talked about how disappointing it is that comments in Blogland are down in number. Bloggers across the globe are experiencing lower numbers in the comment section of their blogs. So, I'm asking you, my readers, why is that? While the number of hits may remain the same or even increase, comments have become golden and precious to bloggers. Rarity is always more valuable, but most of us want more in this instance....more

Writer's Block and How I Handle It

50 Word Sentence?

This is not a post for Daily Post, it’s just something I wanted to post, about a crazy twilight thought(isn’t that when one is between waking and sleeping?) that kept playing through my mind at 3:30 this morning....more

What to do about Writer's Block?

Have you ever had extended writer's block?  It's pretty much the story of my life.  I've had two or three failed attempts at blogs before.  Even this one got off to a rocky start.  See, I'd have all kinds of ideas of things to write about.  Then, when it came time to actually write, I would get super self-conscious about what I was writing.  It would take me days of writing and editing before I was satisfied. ...more

How To Support Your [Blogging] Community

MrsTeeMrsTeeLoveLifeLaughterJoining an Online Community or Facebook Group is only the first step but there are several other things needed to be an active support to that community....more

The Thrill of Social Media for Writers

If you really want to get your heart racing you can pick up a thriller or even better, dive headfirst into social media. If you write thrillers, you’re going to have to put yourself and your books in the middle of the fray and tweet, update and post.Then, just when you feel like you have it somewhat under control the landscape will change. A new tool will come along and an old one that you really put a lot of time and effort into will fade from popularity....more