A love letter to startups looking for writers

 Dear Startups, When you email me...and I'm presuming it's a person and not a bot because operating in good faith is less stressful for me...When you email me, take a look at what you "sound" like.  I get these notes from cheerful-looking people saying they "found my blog" and "think I'm a great fit".  But do not respond to my polite requests for some more info, or at least an identifiably human presence beyond the cuties in the gmail icons.  Which could be anyone. ...more

How to Blog Without Bragging

Guest blogging on another business’ site is a great deal all around. You get a new set of audience faces to expose your business to, a link back to your own site, and the host gets new content for their site, it really is a win-win all around. But how do you blog about your company and what you do without sounding too overly promotional or like you're trying to sell something?These three tips will make your business look good in your guest post without being too showy:...more

5 Truths About Blog Comments and Why Quality Content Is Still King

I have been blogging for over nine years now, and I've watched it grow from small groups of what felt like dear penpals to the vast, millions-strong sea of blogs we have now. What I find interesting, though, is that, despite all the changes that have happened with regard to weblogs over the last decade, certain questions about what we do come up again and again, and one of those questions is this: what is more important to you, writing well or receiving a lot of comments? ...more
This post is spot on!  And it has taken me years to understand this!  What I wouldn't give to ...more

Blogging Opens The Door To Writing

  The Joy of Mothering Actually I can hardly believe that I feel free enough today to stand up and boldly yell, "I love writing and I want to help others start writing by encouraging them to blog."   ...more
@motherofnine9 BrooWaha? Is it easy to sign up with them? Can you tell me more about them, ...more

Thrill in the 'Ville

The Honorable Rep. Xavier Becerra, who serves as Vice Chair of the House Democratic Caucus, along with “Obama For America” Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter hosted a VP Debate “Prebuttle” conference call Wednesday night with bloggers and set OFA’s tone for tomorrow night’s event. “Rope-a-Dope,” Becerra said more than once. It’s a fitting image for the current debating strategies of both presidential tickets this close to an election that is this close. ...more

When Public Breastfeeding Goes Too Far

I can assure you that my nursing adventures never, EVER garnered accusations of "sexualizing breastfeeding!" My bra size went from a 34B to a 38L. When the boob buffet closed, I was at a loss. Truth be told, I still miss it. When I see a nursing mother, I don't think "look at that smokin' hot breast" or "how dare she show her ladies in public!?!?" I sadly think, "I will never breastfeed a baby again." Maybe I have breastfeeding PTSD?...more
@HouseTalkN yes, luckily we are close enough to visit a few times a week, to give my daughter a ...more

Following, Friending, and Fighting: The Rules of Friendships Online

Social media is supposed to be all about connections. So what happens when those connections fray? ...more
I struggle with this all the time.  I have a personal FB account, one for my blog and a Twitter ...more

Off and On

Let me start by apologizing for the intermittent posts lately.  I've had a lot going on at home and truly needed to take a break!I'll be working on the blog over the next couple weeks.  I want to add more pages, and hopefully increase both my traffic and my income.  Please bear with me while I work on my baby...and stay tuned for hopefully a bigger and better blog!I appreciate y'all's patience.  Thanks for sticking with me!!Love,Jerri...more
@SunbonnetSmart.com I don't blame you at all!!  Just added a new page to my blog today and ...more

What Are You Hiding Behind Your Mask?

It’s been a long while since I participated in BlogHer‘s NaBloPoMo – 5 months to be exact....more