A taste of the big time

I, along with a couple of hundred other aspiring bloggers, was given the opportunity to get a taste - just a tiny one, only eight days long and one post wide - of what it's like to be a big-time blogger with a large, contributing readership. I must say, it's been exhilarating! ...more

Why I’m now moderating blog comments

I’ve been getting lots of comments on my blogs lately.Normally that would be a good thing. However, many of the comments I’m seeing come through are actually spam....more

Blogging is My Teacher

   I was introduced to the blogging world via the online knitting and crocheting community Raverly.  I am a member of two blogging groups on that site.  The members of the groups communicate via forums specific for their group.     I made a "grand entrance" on one of the forums when I initiated a discussion regarding an announcement that President Obama made on May 1, 2011.This was my post to that forum:...more

Rising From the Stupor

I'm coming out of it finally!  I've still not had a normal temperature but my throat doesn't hurt so much and I can finally eat a little more than squishy soft foods.  I actually had home made bread for dinner tonight with my worlds best bean soup.  My new measuring cups leave the cutest mess! ...more
 @HomeRearedChef Strep is a nasty bacteria.  I had an untreated strep throat that I didn't get ...more

Shame On Me

I have erred. I missed a day of posting. I hold my head in shame...not really. I just could not come up with anything yesterday and besides I seem to have a horrible sinus headache. The mind does not want to work with this aching. A weekend at the cabin plus an early spring equals sinus headache and allergies galore. Had to get up in the middle of the night and take headache relief and that was not fun...ouchy. I have to get rid of this before tonight because it is the first installment of the WalkFit program.  Back to no posting....more

Selling Products on your Blogs

Nablopomo, kind of slowed down for me a little bit this month.  I kind of had certain days where life got in the way.   And to get me really frustrated, this month has been a dilemna for car troubles.  My car has been breaking down on me for the past few weeks.  There is a leak in my car and my anti freeze has been draining fast.  I'm hoping it's not a gasket.  If it is, I might be saying good bye to my car, and then I am wondering how will I deal without a car to get around. I would miss having a car to tr...more

Liebster Blog!

There is nothing quite so thrilling in the blog world as when someone takes the time to acknowledge your words, whether through a comment, a Facebook Like, an e-mail, or... an award! ...more

Free eBook Available for Download!

I’ve finally gotten my act together and my eBook is complete and available for download. If you haven’t signed up for our mailing list yet and would like a copy of the eBook, you can do so here: http://forms.aweber.com/form/86/1006892286.htm.____...more

There's No Crying in Blogging

Each week I set aside specific time to write, marking this time as a meeting on my calendar so I stay on track....more
Oh my, your blog name got my attention and this post cracked me up!  (sorry...you know what I ...more

Writing Educational Articles from the First Person Perspective

I’ve been trying to refine what perspective I want my blog to take. I don’t mean in terms of overall topic – I hashed that out pretty thoroughly in November and am at peace with the result. But I’ve written a variety of posts over the past several months and occasionally I’ve written informational articles that move away from opinion strictly to inform. And I’ve really enjoyed writing those, but am wondering how they are received....more