Weekly Marketing Skinny – February 9, 2013 | TrafficGenerationCafe.com

I read everything.You get the skinny.See what happened in marketing in the past week.Plus, awesome Kaepernick presentation and Hello Kitty in space!http://www.trafficgenerationcafe.com/weekly-marketing-skinny-february-9-2013/...more

Technophobes Just Chill Out – Your Making Your Online Biz Way Too Hard

My words of wisdom from one technophobe to another… just chill!When taking your offline business online or when starting a new internet business, the technology can be daunting.  Actually it can totally freak you out. It did me.  ...more

Stop the Envy: Focus Inward

I'm not sure why but the buzz of society today is to bring down anyone who is deemed "too successful".  Too successful = too evil.  Look around you, a corporation becomes too big = evil.  An athlete becomes to successful = he's greedy/on drugs/evil/etc.  Your neighbor gets a new car = evil/must be doing something wrong to be able to afford that.  A fellow blogger gets a book deal = she must be ignoring her kids to get that kind of success. ...more
I like your ideasmore

Sunday Summary - Life in a Flurry Edition

Happy February! At the risk of sounding trite, I seriously can't believe we're already into the second month of 2013. Life is certainly flying by! Well, it's flying by for me, anyway, in a flurry of Italian classes, work, web design and blog writing, dinner out, and bowling. (Yes, I did say bowling - my first time doing so in years! I'm not going to tell you my final score, but it was distinctly UNimpressive. I had a ton of fun, though!) ...more

When Words are like Ninjas

I recently lamented, to anyone that still listens to me, about my having pieces of a story I was unable to make whole.It happens frequently, an idea slams my brain leaving me unable to focus on the task of living, instead filling my thoughts with potential beginnings and endings. I'm good at that - bookend thoughts, without any real filling....more
@alienbody It is easier and more natural to edit and tone it down, then to try to create when ...more

In Love with the Internet

I love the Internet. I mean love, love it. My fingers can softly tap the square black keys on my Mac and away I go, all over the world in seconds! The feel of the keys under my finger tips is delicious. So much so that my husband has watched my hands and claimed to experience jealousy. Is that wierd? Or wrong?...more


Holy cow - who knew it would take this much time to start a blog. Well, I actually started yesterday with another upstart blog & didn't like it as well as this avenue. So here I am -  a day later than my original plan....more

NaBloPoMo: Does Navel Gazing Generate Energy?

Today’s topic is self-generated after reading a little online dialogue about the impact/value/merit of the NaBloPoMo exercise.The question seems to be – does a writing exercise that may generate somewhat banal content have merit – does the content generated count for anything beyond the original experiential benefit of creating it?...more

Can you quit social media?

Here are my thoughts on how social media exists in my world. I just can't quit it.I wonder, can you? ...more

NaBloPoMo: So Far

I'm one week into my first week of National Blogging Post Month. So far, so good.But what does that mean? I started the month for personal issues. I have lost my blogging mojo - so I thought a month long writing exercise would help. Normally, I'm someone who would roll my eyes at the idea of a writing exercise ... but it is working. So no eye rolling.I'm looking forward to the time set aside for the exercise. But I feel constrained by the topic. More accurately, I feel constrained by the prompts but it occurs to me that I can simply go off topic....more