How to Create Roll Over Images for Your Blog

I know I’ve been doing a lot of design tutorials lately. This will (probably) be the last one for a while. So today, let’s talk about roll over images.What is a roll-over image?A roll over image is an image that changes when you hover your mouse over it. For instance, look at my social media icons in the left-hand sidebar. They’re yellow, right? (Yes, they are.) Move your mouse over to them and see what happens. They should turn blue. That, in a nutshell, is a roll-over image....more

How to Write an Email That Won't End Up in Spam

Lately I have been receiving a lot of emails about multiple topics. Mostly it’s from people who want to guest post for Budget Girl. Which is fine! I love guest posts. However, the way their emails have been constructed make me immediately hit the “delete” button. They sound like spam! I don’t send emails back to spammers, so I don’t send emails back to these people.Usually they send the email and go on their merry way. I’ve had one who has been persistent, though, and now I’m wondering if she’s a real girl....more

How to Create a Professional-Looking Email Signature

A professional and briefly informative email signature is very important for anyone who sends a lot of business emails. Including bloggers. You want your recipients to know who you are (name, position, and company), as well as all the methods they can use to reach you. Secondary email, social media, or phone number if you’re OK with giving it out.A simple text email is all you need, but I like to take mine a few steps farther. Really, which would you prefer? This:...more
Denise lizzieflowers Thanks for explaining that, Denise! My post was written specifically for ...more

How To Boost Your Site with a Blog Series

One of the best ways to become THAT blog to people is to take a page from the world of television and create a weekly or monthly series on your blog. I’m talking about a topic that you cover every week, every other week, every month etc., that your readers can look forward to. You can also consider a mini-series, where you choose a topic and create a certain number of entries that you will spread out over a period of time. There are several ways your blog can benefit by including a series. ...more
Great post, Susan!  Now I have to think of a topic I can both sustain and interesting for my ...more

I will follow you

Disclaimer: the author of this post cannot be held responsible for making you hum this song for the next few months....more
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The Real Truth About Blogging Income

Obviously, I am a blogger. But more than a blogger, I am also a business.I love to write, to share my ideas and stories and support my industry partners. And I love that I can do it as a job. From home. With enough time to still have a life....more

5 Ways To Gain Free Exposure For Your Blog

It was about 3 months ago when I decided to test out a theory about growing my blog readers. Up until January, I was buying ad spots on other blogs, sharing my posts to social media and wondering why all the money I earnt from blogging went straight back into my blog. Of course, you should expect to invest some money if you want a successful blog, but not all of the money you earn from it....more

IComLeavWe - May 2014

This month, I'll be participating in IComLeavWe with Stirrup Queens. The whole point is to make sure that bloggers are recognized and honored for their work....more

The Dilemma of Sponsored Blog Posts

My Blogging Space...more
Laurend1985 Exactly! Honest reviews are the best! I am always honest in my reviews and there is ...more

The Good Old Days of Blogging: What Has Changed in the Last 10 Years?

Back when I started blogging, you had to write your posts uphill... both ways. We didn't have these newfangled social media sites. If you wanted someone to read your post, you stood on a wooden fruit crate on the street corner and shouted, "click me!" And we liked it that way. We were happy. What stands out for YOU in the last 10 years? Share your ideas as part of BlogHer's 10th Anniversary Selfiebration! ...more
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