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Danielle Barnsley

This session would include a panel of bloggers who have write about the "unbloggable"- the things that most blogs would not touch. It could include a unpopular political opinion, religion, sex, or the like. 

The topic would be divided into categories:

How To Start Blogging About The Unbloggable: 

-Can you do it on your own blog? Do you need to look at a separate space? 

-Is it in form with your current readers? Is it important to be controversial or to stay true to who you are as a blogger and a writer?

-Does it match the voice you are portraying on the blog? 

What to Expect When You Blog The Unbloggable:

-Bloggers would share experiences about the happenings of having a topic explode on their blog. 

-When your posts or blog goes viral- what does this look like? How does it change your blog? Or your personal life? 

-How to deal with negativity, or trolls. 

-How to deal with the in real life impact of discussing the "unbloggable". 

How to Keep Material Fresh: 

-Do you know when a dead horse, is a dead horse? Can you talk about a controversial subject too much? 

-Do you purposely seek out controversy, or do you keep an organic, unfiltered context to your blog? 

Other MISC topics: (to be refined): 

-When you blog about anything, do you need to create some sort of boundary? Where is that? How do you know if you need a boundary? How do you reel in your boundaries if you feel you've gone too far?

-What do you do when you should make an apology. Or do you even go there? 

-Does being controversial actually get you the hits you want? Does it gather you more readers? Is it worth it?

Who Could Attend: 

I imagine that this would be a session that could be attended by many bloggers; those who want to delve into politics or ethics, religion, or any topic that they may have considered taboo. Ideally, the panel would share their experience, but for the most part it would be a very open discussion with the audience, with knowledge from those panelists who have been there done that.