Blogging and Anonymity

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Do you trust the opinions and words of someone whose identity you don’t know?

Do you have to open up? Or can you just be who you want to be on the World Wide Web?

Bloggers have many reasons for keeping their identities secret.  They also have many reasons for unmasking themselves. How do you make that decision? And why?

Sometimes it’s more entertaining to know who is telling you a story, like in The Princess Bride – you’re getting your magic from someone you know and love, someone you feel a bond with. Sometimes it’s more engaging not to know, like in Gossip Girl – where you get your dirt and whoever is telling it has the freedom to talk precisely because they are masked.

There’s a propensity for people to just lay it all out there online, but that’s not necessarily the only way to go.  You can be who you are as privately or as publicly as you’d like.


The Suniverse – an anonymous blogger who cuts through the crap with the use of a sharply wielded word, and who may or may not be reading her words to herself in the voice of Kristen Bell.

Leslie Marinelli – who started blogging as The Bearded Iris and decided to reveal her secret identity a la Iron Man, but with more vagina and fewer chin hairs.