Blogging: Do You Even Care about SEO?

With almost 2 billion people online, having very few readers on our blogs seems to be a problem that reflects our capacities as bloggers and web managers, doesn’t it? I feel like I’m not doing enough to make sure my website gets viewed by the people who might find it useful.

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How about you? How is your site doing? How do you measure its success? It feels like these questions are very basic, but different bloggers have different criteria for “blog success”.

Blog Success and SEO

Some of the bloggers I follow pay absolutely no attention to PageRank. In fact, they don’t even know how to check their PR! But they get thousands – as in hundreds of thousands – of page views each month.

Believe it or not, they do it by providing consistently awesome content. It’s something we all seem to underestimate, unfortunately.

A lot of bloggers, for instance, would rather get involved in like syndication themes – that’s when you ask other bloggers for social media “shares” and “likes” with the promise that you will return the favor. Although that seems to work in increasing your blog post’s ranking in Google’s eyes, it doesn’t really do anything for you in the long term.

Long-Term Blogging Goals: Do You Have Them?

You can’t ask for “likes” and “shares” forever. One day, you will get tired of spending half your day liking other people’s posts, majority of which you wouldn’t have liked if not for the “likes” and “shares” you’re going to get in return. Engaging in these practices once a month is fine, but doing this almost every day is tantamount to having goals that don’t reach too far into the future.

In a nutshell: Give up the social media reciprocation and focus on your content. Seriously, you should. Every good blogger should. Every good blogger does.


  • Make an effort to create content that your readers haven’t read anywhere. Despite the fact that there are millions of blogs out there, there’s always a new angle to explore. There’s always a novel opinion or a fresh voice that netizens are sure to love.
  • Build on your credibility as a blogger. People are big on credibility – that’s why they would rather trust blog posts that aren’t sponsored instead of those that are. Instead of begging for likes and shares from fellow bloggers, you can ask your actual readers to like and share your new blog post if the happen to like it.
  • Be a blogger with a plan. Having a blog is great! But how long do you want to maintain it? How often do you want to blog? How many blogs do you actually have? Make sure your plans are long-term so that you don’t get lost in the superficial tasks of day-to-day online life.
  • Follow forward-thinking bloggers and writers who inspire you to do better. They know what it takes to get likes without begging for them. Follow them and you might get useful insights down the road. Who knows? One day, your post will get viral – and you won’t have to beg your blogger friends to share it at all!

If you have blogger friends who are addicted to syndicating likes for their blog posts, please share this article with them. Google has an algorithm that changes approximately every quarter; soon enough, schemes that promote blogs in terms of reciprocation instead of quality will be marked “black-hat SEO”.

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