Blogging Etiquette

If you are reading this post it's because you are either - a friend, family member, fellow blogger, or some random creepy person {let's hope the random creepy person doesn't exist}

If you are a friend or family member this post is all about blogging so you may want to go back to what you were doing before. {like stalking my facebook page or buying me hunter wellies in magenta or black - half calf gloss, a sewing machine or photoshop elements}

If you are a blogger. Please read on.

Things that annoy the crap out of me in the blogging world.

1. Comment Vomit {you can read a post about it over here}

Example: I'm So-in-So from Totally-Awesome-Blog and I'm your newest follower, follow me back! or Great Post! I wrote one like that click here on my Totally-Awesome-Blog link!

Why I hate it: Umm, do I really have to explain this one?! If you are a new follower - that's fantastic! I'm truly am so happy that you stopped by, but when you leave a comment like that for me - it makes me think that all you want is for me to come over to your blog so you can get a new follower - not that you followed my blog because you like the content. I work hard on this blog and only want a follower if they are going to be loyal to me and actually enjoy visiting.

2. Find Me - Find Me Wherever I am!

Example: I go to a blog - I am LOVING the blog - I look to follow them via social media, RSS & contact them to send them some email love and it's NOWHERE TO BE FOUND!!

Why I hate it: It just drives me nuts! I know I could comment asking for it, but I don't like to comment with that sort of stuff - I like to leave comments to comment on the content of the post. So please - have your info handy so we can find you!

3. Comment Verification

Example: I type in my little comment on the post I just read and click "enter". Then a little box pops up and asks me to type in some stupid non-word before it will post it.

Why I hate it: Because when I want to leave a comment - that's all I want to do. I don't want to take an extra 5 seconds to type in some random letters that don't work half the time anyway! I swear I'm a human and I promise if you take it off you may only get a few spam comments. I mean really, is it that hard to delete them?! Or, if you are worried about spam being published right away, make it so that you have to approve the comment beforehand, then you can see the comments first hand and delete any of them that you don't want published.

4. Taking Long Breaks

Example: I get hooked on a blog, start reading it on a regular basis and then don't get any new posts for over a week!

Why I hate it: Umm because you got me addicted to you and then you took it away!! Give me my posts!

5. Comment replies

Example: I leave a heart-felt comment on your post and maybe ask you something regarding it. Then a day goes by. A week. A month. And you NEVER replied to me!

Why I hate it: Because I took the time to write you something nice, asked you something in regards to your post and you never had the courtesy to write me back. Now, I am the first to admit that sometimes it takes me a while to reply to my blog readers - but I ALWAYS do - and if I don't - it's totally by accident. The people I'm referring to aren't the ones that forget, it's the ones that I have commented on continually and I never get a response back. After a while I feel rejected and I stop reading that blog. Harsh truth, but truth none-the-less. So just take a moment to reply & say "thanks", it's just the right thing to do. *update* This last one really only applies when I have shared a heart felt story with someone or have asked them a question NOT when I've just told them how much I enjoy their post.

So, those are just a few things that drive me bonkers. And yes, I did just say "bonkers". Reading back through this post I totally sound like a blog snob. I swear I'm not. I'm just feeling a little sick and didn't get much sleep last night so with that combo it gives me more of a 'whatever' attitude. Wait. Who am I kidding - I'd post this up regardless. That's just who I am. Cheers!

Michelle Parrott 
The Momma Bird 


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