Blogging Experts? Just Blog And Let Blog!



This is one blog post I really did not
want to write since there are a gazillion blog posts about blogging
instead of what we normally blog about since BlogHer (Hangover),
and frankly I am sick of it! I know this post won’t make me popular, oh
wait I am not that popular anyway! People are sprouting all over to
advise, mock and act holier than thou as to how they blog. Chastising
others with an air of authority themselves and then start little clubs
which claim to make them better.

People making fun of swag grabbers yet
parading their pictures of their swag heaps themselves. If you believe
so strongly in it why would anyone haul so much of stuff, wasting so
much of fossil fuels just because it was free. Each to his own but
don’t lecture if you are in no place. Personally I gave away most of my
stuff to local friends and made a pile for the hotel staff but I really
don’t care if people carried their bulk home, just don’t act as if you
are much better.

Now there seems to be blooming all over
with advice to blog with honesty and integrity and somehow made to feel
that you need to do this. I think people should blog however they want.
They should blog how they live.
Yes I wish people to live honestly, not steal yadayadayada,.. but I
won’t preach it. There are consequences if they break laws. There are
consequences if they break social etiquette, just like that if people
break blogging laws or etiquette they will see the reactions (sooner or

But I find many who are lecturing are
just people commenting (and reading) only each other’s blog and by far
are out of touch with what the regular blogger thinks because they
DON’T read the posts of the average blogger! Stop acting like a poster
child for blogging! There are all types and it is OK. People were
surprised by the acts of the greedy blogger with the Crocs guy,
I wasn’t! I was not happy with it, but surprised I certainly was not.
Come on, with 1500 bloggers in attendance it would be ludicrous to
believe that you won’t get strange apples.

This is precisely my point! There are
so many bloggers and so many styles, can’t we just stop the lecturing
and let everyone blog as they wish?  All the FTC and disclosure etc
will take care of itself, rules will be passed and consequences will be
had.  People or fellow bloggers should stop trying to play police and
think they earned a right to be an expert.

Just blog and let blog!

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