Blogging Identities and YOU - A discussion presented by Anissa Mayhew, Tanis Miller and Janet Dean

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Regardless of what blogging tribe you identify with, if YOU you have a blog, YOU have a blogging identity!

Do you blog in secret, under a pen name or completely anonymously?

Ever thought about coming out of the closet? Or changing your blogging direction AND your identity? Do you have a blogging "persona"?

Afraid of what will happen if people in your real life find out you have a blog? Has it already happened to you? How bad was the fallout? Did it change your writing?

Or how about the other end of the spectrum...

You blog openly under your in-real-life legal name and everybody knows you have a blog. How do you handle self-censorship? Or do you not censor yourself at all? (You are a rare bird, indeed!)

Does knowing your kid's teacher and your boss and your friends and neighbors are reading affect what you write? Has being so open ever backfired on you?

Do you ever wish for an unknown blogging identity so you can be more candid about personal issues and feelings without airing all your dirty laundry to everyone in town?

Are you happy with your blogging identity or do you long to change it but fear the unknown?

No matter how you deal with your identity, there are pros and cons... What's YOUR story?

Come dish with us and hear from bloggers that range from those who hid their online life from everyone until recently, those who gave up everything to come out of the closet, those who let it all hang out no matter what and those who grapple everyday with how much of themselves they want to share for the sake of keeping it real when they know EVERYONE is reading.

Presenters: Anissa Mayhew (Hope 4 Peyton), Tanis Miller (Redneck Mommy) and Janet Dean (The Caffeinatrix & IzzyMom)