Blogging: It's Not What You Think


It's Not What You Think

My one year anniversary with Momma Candy came and went without much acknowledgement. 

I didn't throw a grand giveaway or tweet out my celebration because, honestly, I wasn't celebrating. 

If I'm being truly honest, year one of my blogging experience here left me jaded, confused, unfocused, and exhausted. There's so much more to blogging than anyone realizes. 

Oh, sure. Blogging is so hard. All you do is sit down and write about whatever you want. Soooo hard.

I've heard the cynicism. When I told someone I was a blogger they actually said, "Really? That's real? I thought that was all a scam."

Um, first of all, what planet are you on? And, second, a scam? Wha...? Never mind.

Blogging isn't what you think. Let me list the ways:


Just kidding. I'm not listing anything. Hundreds of thousands of blogs list things by number every day. I've even done it. And I'll probably do it in the future.

Seven Ways to Catch That Man

Thirty Crafts for Christmas

Three Ways to Piss Off Your Co-Workers

Five ways to be a Douche Bag

It got to the point where my sidebar just showed number lists instead of content. There's a lot of advice out there about blogging that says if you list things by number you're sure to get favored by search engines/larger blogs/Pinterest/pick your poison. 

Lists aren't bad. They keep things organized and cute. But after a while it just seems like a bunch of shopping lists passing for blog posts. 


I had no idea how important this was. I mean, it does depend on what kind of blog you have but documenting every aspect of your life and editing the shit out of it is part of the job. One fashion blogger even said, "If you don't use a DSLR camera for your blog, you won't be successful. You just won't." 

So wise for her twenty-two years.

I don't do Photoshop. Nor do I have any desire to do Photoshop. The dummy version - Pic Monkey - is just as much a turn off. I write. But there I was spending hours making pictures pretty. Hours.

And Sweet Jesus, the amount of selfies Bloggers take drives me insane. I'm guilty of a selfie every now and again, but trust, I always feel like a big asshole taking it. Always. Just me?


When I first started Momma Candy somehow I found myself in a niche of twenty-something first time wives with an affinity for everything mint green and chevron. And antlers. Everything was very pretty and ethereal and I did link ups and such and kept asking myself - How in the hell did I get here? I'm thirty-two and I have three kids. And I can't do a top knot without a head full of hair extensions so what am I doing here again?

Then I made the leap to MommyBloggerLand. I feel much more at home here. BUT, I'm not really a typical mommy blogger. Oh, and I really can't handle talking about diapers and kid's clothes all day. I'm not about that life.

So then I felt niche-less. Here comes the lack of focus. I just wanted to write about what I wanted to write about. I was okay not having a group to cling to, I thought.

But what about this whole making money thing?


Bloggers make money. But the thing about blogging is that you have to work. It's like a small business. And the bloggers who are good at it would have probably been good at any other line of work they ventured into. They're type As. They're business women. They spend sixty, seventy, eighty hours a week on their blogs. They work with big brands who see blogging as cheap advertising. No actors. No commercials. No endorsements. No production. Just a blogger writing up a post that basically acts as an inexpensive commercial. Perfect, right? 

Although, I often wonder about the target demographic. Mommy bloggers have a huge following amongst...other mommy bloggers. And where's the return on that? Must be big because advertisers keep advertising.

Have I made some money on this blog?  A little. I've also gotten to work with some really cool people who have given me really cool products to gush about. It ain't half bad.

But then there are the sites that "offer" opportunities. You have to fight for them and you're chosen based on your traffic. When I found myself at a Twitter party (yes, that's a thing), potentially tweeting about toilet paper and cheese and my love for both, I just couldn't. This isn't why I started blogging. Not at all.


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