The Joplin Tornado: A BlogHer Visits Her "New Home" (Updated)

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Update: So glad to hear that Allison and her family still able to move to Joplin as they had planned before the tornado! She's still blogging the disaster on The Story of 5. Meanwhile, lots of bloggers are hosting fundraisers, including a quilt drive for Joplin on The Patchwork Times. If you are raising money for those stricken, leave your URL in the comments! -- Julie

BlogHer Allison of The Story of 5 and her family just bought a house in the city of Joplin, Missouri -- they are planning to move there this summer. After a massive tornado hit Joplin on Sunday, May 22, killing over 100 people, she visited her "new" town and witnessed the damage -- including the hospital where her husband is supposed to start working in a few months. In her post Prayers Needed for Joplin, she says:

Everyone keeps asking about our house. Our house is about 15 minutes away so we think it should be ok. Ironically, we've been torn about how far away to live from the hospital and we almost went with a brand-new, not even finished home that's about 5 minutes away. I have no idea if that house is even still up or not.

Allison has put together a fundraiser site for the Joplin tornado victims; for more ways to help, USAToday lined up an excellent list of resources to help Joplin.

Read more about Allison's visit to Joplin and leave a comment on her blog, The Story of 5, now.

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