Is Blogging Making You Fat, Tired, Anxious and Sleepless at Night? The Importance of Personal Wellness and Well-Being as Bloggers

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Angelica Perez-Litwin, PhD

Is blogging making you fat, tired, anxious and sleepless at night?  You are not alone!  Many new and veteran bloggers find themselves feeling drained, overwhelmed and over-extended by the numerous activities necessary to maintain a successful blog.  Ironically, this is a conversation that is often shoved under the rug in the blogging world.  No one wants to admit that, as magical as blogging can be, it can also impact our health, well-being, time-management and other home/work responsibilities.  From mild obsessiveness (tracking numbers, stats), to constantly being preoccupied with blogging responsibilities, blogging can negatively impact our sleep, serenity, appetite, health, quality of time with others, and engagement with the off-line world.

As a Clinical Psychologist and blogger, who knows very well how blogging CAN take over your life, I will share with you lessons learned, tips and information on how to create a balance between blogging and personal wellness.

Handouts will be provided!  Question and Answer period will be included.

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