Blogging or writing for future publication?

Whatever your interest, you write, and writing is what this group is all about.

BlogHer is blog focused, existing to serve the community of those of us active online and who speak our minds. We may blog on issues within a specific topic niche, or in general commentary on our lives and the issues of the world, but we all have something to say.

It used to be my primary focus was opining. By the time I arrived on this site in 2006, I had eight years in talking on things gender, gay, and feminist topics. Much of it was on message boards, a format that seems rather dated now, given the wide array of opining formats available to us at home, work, and on the run.

Blogging was next the next stop for me, in 2005, and reluctantly. I did take to it, because I usually have something stirring up in my mind. The thousand or so posts I generated were in large part about my life in a chaotic, transitional time.

In 2008, my focus shifted, almost with on a hairpin turn towards creative writing, something I initially did blogging what I wrote. After a 21 month hiatus during which I expanded my creative writing horizon using that wondrous state of the art format of notebooks and pens, I return and work to convert all of it to digital, but not for sharing via blog. This time, those nine stories will be worked over the next few years into something I’d like to publish.

While working on the first story, I’m not only transcribing to computer and doing first round editing on the fly, I’m seeing what technology works best for me, with word processing and document sharing my key exploratory areas at the moment. Over the last two months I’ve tried word processors LibreOffice, OpenOffice, Symphony, Abiword, and  the office heavyweight MS Word (2010.) I’m with one now, but I’ll not reveal my preference yet. So too with document sharing, one emerged best for me. I’ll hold my silence on it for a while (unless you read Chatter, then you know.)

I’m tired and need to get to bed, but I wished to get this post up and get some talk going in the writing group, drawing on both you bloggers and private writers. Come on, I know you are out there. Let’s talk shop!


Good night.





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