Blogging? Sure!

I learned a new word this week, which does not happen often and frequently. It made sense really, that I learned this particular word at this particular point. I already know that it's a cliché term, used in many graduation speeches, papers, discussions, etc. But I'm a newcomer to the phrase, and I want to use it. 

I am coming to another LIMINAL time in my life. A time in-between, when you feel like you're just hanging in space without answers. You just feel tired and confused and guilty and just DONE, all at the same time. Now, I'm not really feelling too lost, guilty or confused; but lord knows I'm tired.

Being lost brings me to this blog. I've done a lot of blog reading (especially of the jezebel, feministe, feministing strain) and I've decided it's time to join in the action. Maybe it's the liminal time and I'm reaching out to find something to latch meaning to, maybe it's that I need to prove I can write a blog. Either way, here I am. My name it Molly. I think about things. And I would like to share my thoughts with you, lovely people. Hope to see you around!

Kind regards,



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