How to Blog Without Bragging

Guest blogging on another business’ site is a great deal all around. You get a new set of audience faces to expose your business to, a link back to your own site, and the host gets new content for their site, it really is a win-win all around. But how do you blog about your company and what you do without sounding too overly promotional or like you're trying to sell something?

These three tips will make your business look good in your guest post without being too showy:

Don’t make it about you. Make the overall topic of your post about something other than your business and what it does. Say you own a bakery; write about how to decide on the perfect dessert for an upcoming Halloween party. That way you are writing to a general audience about something lots of people will actually want to read (and are most likely searching to read about, if it's particularly timely) and then you can slip your name in there as a suggestion of where to find the desserts mentioned and purchase them at.

Internal links are your BBF (best blogging friend). With an internal link you don’t even need to mention your business name to get some traffic to your site. Some blogging sites frown upon the use of your business name in a post. No problem! Mention a service your business does without writing that it’s your business providing that service, highlight the text, and link that sucker back to your home page.

Include an ‘about the author’ paragraph. If you are blogging for a real stickler who doesn’t allow mentions of your business or links, just write a nice, helpful post on something that relates to your business then close the piece with a paragraph about the CEO (or whoever the writer is) that includes a blurb about the business and what it is.