Blogging Without a Plan

Sometimes I am conflicted on what to blog about and then I end up blogging about nothing. But what is the point of having a blog when you censor yourself on what to blog about? I worry about what people may think, or boring them, and so on. I try to make each entry meaningful and if it doesn’t hit that standard then I am left with nothing. But I am starting to think how ridiculous this is, and that I should be honest and blog about how I am feeling at the time. I am human and go through up and downs just like everyone else, and I shouldn’t worry about how people perceive me.

I am somewhat a perfectionist when it comes to anything work related. And I don’t just mean work, as in a job, I mean as anything I put my own hard work into. This blog being included in that. I try to plan what I want this blog to turn into instead of just letting happen whatever will happen. I guess you could say I try to control my destiny. I’m big into making plans and get anxiety when they go astray. If I’m not sure how that particular plan will pan out, I usually just freeze up and wish it will go away.  But like my Mom always tells me “You can’t always control everything.” or something within those lines. She is big in just living in the moment and I’m sure she finds it humorous when I call her freaking out about something I had no control over, or someone threw a wrench in my “plan”.

So here I am, writing a blog entry about nothing really beneficial to anyone, except to me maybe. I noticed I was going days not writing about anything because I couldn’t make my mind up on that perfect thing to blog about. But I don’t have to be perfect all the time, and my blog doesn’t have to be either. I wrote this without a plan.

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