The Fabulous Bloggy Award

Melissa gave me this award today, I feel so honored, as YOU Melissa are one of my favorite bloggers!  I love your sense of humor.  Oh, and your little stick people, I've grown so fond of them too!  And now that I have you on FaceBook, I know I can keep up with you in your remodeling and life and that's way cool.  

 So without further adieu, here we go!

The Rules:
1.  Thank the blogger who gave the award to you and share that link back to the awarding      
     blog (did I copy that right?)
2.  Name 5 fabulous moments in your life
3   Name 5 things you love
4.  Name 5 things you hate
5.  Pass on the love to 5 deserving bloggers
Five Fabulous Moments
1.  The birth of my son Jeremy
2.  The birth of my daughter Nikki
3.  The first time I laid eyes on hubby in person 
4.  The day Quinn was born
5.  The day Gavin was born
Five Things I Love (in no special order)
1.  Ted E Bear licking my toes (I know it's kinky but true)(he's a shih tzu yorkie mix)
2.  Photography-opening up a photo I took and knowing it's good
3.  Traveling with hubby
4.  The rest of my dogs:  Turbo, Holly and Choey
5.  Cooking
Five Things I Hate
1.  Feeling insecure 
2.  People who don't clean up their dog poop 
3.  Being reminded that my back isn't perfect
4.  Menopause
     a.  Hot Flashes
     b.  Short term memory loss
     c.  Hot Flashes
5.  War
Now to pass it on… 
Nikkionwine, my favorite cheesehead that has the most pretty smile in the world

Megan, who just kind of walked up from behind and took my hand and heart
Denise, who held my hand through lots of questions when I first started blogging at BlogHer
Melanie, I want to meet you in person some day, wish it was this August in NYC.
Robin, it was a pleasure to have you along on my cruise!  you kept me connected :)
Elaine, this young lady just kind of spread her wings over me, engulfing me with friendship and shares laughter and tears with me!
Yeah, I did six, sorry!  Now it's your turn my friends, to pass the ribbon!
PS:  can someone tell me how to insert the ribbon here?  :-) (thank you girls!)

Fabulous Blog Ribbon2


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