The BlogHer ’12 Agenda: Preliminary Session Schedule & ROYO Launch

BlogHer Original Post

Again, you can look over the various panel titles and scheduled times for them here.

Round Two: Room of Your Own Programming

From the first BlogHer, we’ve designed your input into the process both at the outset, in the crowd-sourced initial Call for Ideas, and again from within the community of folks who’ve committed to attend.

You can read our original definition of the Room of Your Own concept here. Most important to note is that the Room of Your Own proposals should be made by registered attendees of the conference. That’s because the purpose of the Room of Your Own sessions is to provide an opportunity for attendees to:

  • fill in the programming holes that you think we left in the basic schedule;
  • volunteer to contribute to the conference in a very active way; and
  • make the conference experience your own.

Coming to BlogHer ’12? Go to this form to let us know what you’d like to bring to the conference! (Remember, you need to log in to first.)

We want to know which sessions most resonate with would-be attendees. Go to this page of proposed Room of Your Own sessions and let us know which you would be interested in attending. You can only give the “thumbs-up” on a panel once, but you can cruise around and say “hey! I’d go to this!” to as many panels as you’d want to see offered in the ROYO track.

  • Deadline for ROYO submissions: 5pm Pacific, March 15, 2012

Again, on behalf of all of us here on the Programming team, I want to thank all of you who threw your ideas into the pot. In so many different ways, this is your conference: inspired by what inspires you, built to give you what you enough of what you want, enough of what you need, and a little bit of what you didn’t see coming (but now can’t wait to see)! Let us know what you think, ask us questions, and for those of you planning to come to New York this August, tell us what we missed!



for Elisa, Jory, Lisa, and the entire Conference Programming Team 


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