Make new friends but keep the old

friend·shipˈfren(d)SHip/noun as defined by Google the emotions or conduct of friends; the state of being friends.<...more

I've been featured on BlogHer.

I did not think my thoughts on ‘The Color Purple’ and ‘Beloved’ films were all that important or profound, but that is why we write. Others need to hear what we are thinking or affirm their thoughts through our words, and decide the meaning and weight for themselves. Actually, my essay on the two films forked off from a standard list I did on black women’s film adaptations and became a work of its own. The combination of the two was getting far too long....more

NaBloPoMo on BlogHer Confuses Me

So I am Memee and I just discovered BlogHer this morning, day-4 of the challenge.  I came over from a link on a posting on wordpress thinking that I wanted to participate in this challenge called the NaBloPoMo, but it has been six hours and I still haven't figured out my way around this website of yours.  I did finally get on he list, just in the nick of time, right? But I am left with questions about how to participate.  Does starting today count or have I already f'd up because I did not know the challenge existed and therefore have already failed?...more
MemeetheMuse No, we aren't keeping track. In order to be eligible for prizes, you simply have to ...more

BlogHer 2014 Recap: 8 Things I Learned from the Conference

I was so excited to be able to attend the BlogHer 2014 Conference this year. It did not disappoint. I really enjoyed it and looking forward to attending more BlogHer conferences in the future....more

Introvert/Extrovert Guide to BlogHer'14

Many posts this week offer suggestions for managing social anxiety to make it through BlogHer's premiere conference in San Jose next week. Breathe deeply, introverts are told,  and trust that you'll find remarkable connections and moments even when surrounded by 5,000 people....more

4 Tips on How To Get the Most out of BlogHer '14

I’ve written about BlogHer before—many times, actually. This year will mark my 3rd BlogHer conference in a row… so I feel like I pretty much have a good grasp on it by now. ...more
Thank you for these great tips. I hope I'll be able to meet you in person.more

Why All The Sex Talk On BlogHer?

I have been a part of BlogHer for 3-4 years. I am in their publishing network, and I get the daily newsletter. The reason I'm writing this is that I'm getting a little tired of clicking over to BlogHer and I might as well have clicked on to Cosmopolitan, as so many articles posted are sexual in nature. Now I'm not at all conservative in politics or manner nor sexuality. I could never have been called a prude. But now I'm 57 years old, and my years of reading Cosmopolitan magazine are far behind me. ...more
Blogher is an important venue for the discussion of feminist issues and sex is one of them.  Sex ...more

I Was Interviewed For A Blogging Betties Podcast About My Experience With BlogHer

I am this week’s podcast interview on The Blogging Betties!...more
Denise Thanks Denise!!more

First Time at BlogHer!

It's my first time to post anything on BlogHer - I'm amazed by the many things you can do on here!Of course, it's not my first time to blog. I started blogging at an early age - my first blog post was in my teens. I had to stop, however, to focus on my studies. (I just graduated from my Information Technology course!)Blogging about Fashion (Among Other Things)Before this, the last time I blogged was four years ago. I was hoping to finish school with style, figuratively and literally, so I sold little trinkets online (thus the name of my blog, "Trinket Princess")....more

Life Changing? No. Freeing? Yes.

For some, blogging has changed their lives. It’s helped them face fears and overcome challenges, maybe find themselves in the midst of writing. That’s not my story. Not yet anyways. But like a wet dish rag I’ll try to wring some words out of today’s BlogHer topic: How has blogging changed your life? Tell us one thing that is different now than from before you started blogging....more
MoonMaa Thanks so much for reading! You are so right. I've met a few bloggers so far through ...more