BlogHer '08 Audio: Whaddya mean i never posted...oh. So, remember that conference?

BlogHer Original Post

So, a funny thing happened on the way to posting audio tracks from BlogHer '08, our annual blow-out this past July in San Francisco. Namely: I didn't. Mea culpa, my bad, I apologize!

Here are a bunch of audio files, and i think we still have some more coming from our kind, generous event partner, ListenShare. (You may know them as Stephanie and James, and they've been there with their handy audio gear at most of our recent conferences.)

You can find their site with these links here.

You can also find the BlogHer '08 channel on the iTunes Store here.

Track: Who We Are

  • Introversion, Blogging and BlogHer: Post or Download mp3
  • "Coming Out" Via Blog: Post or Download mp3
  • Can You Take Back Naked Blogging: Post or Download mp3
  • Track: What We Do

  • DIY Content Syndication and Promotion: Post or Download mp3
  • Writing Workshop: Post or Download mp3
  • Pursuing Your Passion Never Gets Old: Post or Download mp3
  • There's More to Monetization Than Advertising: Post or Download mp3
  • Track: What We Believe

  • Progressives Engaging Those Outside the Poli-Blogging Echo Chamber and Conservatives talking brass Tack About What it Will take to Win: Post or Download mp3 from Progressives session or Download mp3 from Conservatives session
  • Tools for Online Fundraising and Activism: Post or Download mp3
  • Blogging Community as Healing Force: Post or Download mp3
  • Track: How We Communicate (Tech)

  • Building Traffic via Content and Community: Post or Download mp3
  • Open Source Participation: How to advance to the next level: Post or Download mp3
  • Photography: Post or Download mp3
  • Track: MommyBlogging

  • Public Parenting and Privacy: Post or Download mp3
  • Mirrors: Ours, the Media’s, Our Cultures’ and Our Kids’: Post or Download mp3
  • Blogging About Our Children with Special Needs: Post or Download mp3
  • When the Road To Motherhood Is Anything But Smooth: Infertility, Adoption and Miscarriage Bloggers: Post or Download mp3
  • Keynotes:

  • The Community Keynote: Post or Download mp3
  • Closing Keynote: Living the Truman Show: Post or Download mp3
  • I believe we have about four more sessions to get files for, and sadly there are also several sessions where either the audio was not good enough quality or they did not get recorded at all. We are re-thinking our audio volunteer process and policy for future events.

    So, somewhat belatedly: Enjoy!


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