BlogHer '08 Video: All the links I've got...add your own in comments

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UPDATED: I got the links for the Closing Keynote, Living the Truman Show, from Katy this afternoon, so I've added them below. It is in 8 segments on YouTube.

This post is just one big link-fest, mostly to point you to all the video taken by our official conference videographer, Katy Chen. To fill in the blanks on the Community Keynote I've also included links to some of Gena Haskett and Elaine from Wannabe Hippie's videos. At the end you will find a link to the videos you all submitted yourselves at the CNN iReport table.

Between Gena, Elaine and Katy I do believe we have video of every Community Keynote except one. If anyone has video of Megan Smith's reading, please do let us know!

BlogHer '08 Session: Community Keynote:

  • 1. Sarah Brown: (Katy Chen)
  • 2. Danielle Wiley: (Katy Chen)
  • 4. Mr. Lady: (Elaine)
  • 5. Heather Barmore: (Elaine)
  • 6. Liz Gumbinner from Mom 101 (Gena Haskett)
  • 7. Suebob Davis from Red Stapler (Gena Haskett)
  • 8. Stephanie Bergman, 9. Zan from That Cup of Tea and 10. Casey from MooshinIndy: (Katy Chen)
  • 11. Doug French and 12. Polly Pagenhart: (Katy Chen)
  • 13. Lindsay Ferrier and 14. Yvonne from Joy Unexpected: (Katy Chen)
  • 15. Schmutzie and 16. Jen Zug: (Katy Chen)
  • 17. Laurie White: (Katy Chen)
  • 18. Antonia from Whoopie!: (Katy Chen)
  • 19. Jenny Lawson: (Katy Chen)
  • 20. Evany Thomas and 21. Deb from Deb on the Rocks: (Katy Chen)
  • 22. Angela from Fluid Pudding: (Katy Chen)
  • Katy Chen's other videos:

  • Video from the BlogHer '08 Newbie Mixer -
  • BlogHers playing Nintendo Wii -
  • BlogHer '08 Session: Welcome to BlogHer '08 -
  • BlogHer '08 session: Is MommyBlogging Still a Radical Act? -
  • BlogHer '08 Session: Who Better Serves Women Like You, Obama or McCain? Part 1, Opening StatementS -
  • BlogHer '08 Session: Who Better Serves Women Like You, Obama or McCain? Part 2 -
  • BlogHer '08 Session: Morning Keynote-Hybrid Media:
    Part 1:
    Part 2:
    Part 3:
    Part 4:
  • BlogHer '08 Session: Closing the Keynote-Living the Truman Show
    Part 1:
    Part 2:
    Part 3:
    Part 4:
    Part 5:
    Part 6:
    Part 7:
    Part 8:

    CNN iReports Videos:

  • Your CNN iReports: 18 of you expressed your opinions on the impending election and its coverage (plus there are two videos from BlogHer in Second life there.

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