Life Changing? No. Freeing? Yes.

For some, blogging has changed their lives. It’s helped them face fears and overcome challenges, maybe find themselves in the midst of writing. That’s not my story. Not yet anyways. But like a wet dish rag I’ll try to wring some words out of today’s BlogHer topic: How has blogging changed your life? Tell us one thing that is different now than from before you started blogging....more
MoonMaa Thanks so much for reading! You are so right. I've met a few bloggers so far through ...more

Why I Blog and Why BlogHer is so important to me

Why attending BlogHer and Blogging are so important to me  ...more

Blogging: Life Uninterrupted

A Writer Without A Voice

My Short List of Interesting

First, let’s just put it all out on the table and address the elephant in the room: the fact that I haven’t blogged in seven months! Oh, I thought about blogging, jotted down blogging ideas, talked to folks about why I couldn’t blog – but there was no actual blogging. Until today!...more
CJ Poindexter We are alike in many ways hun. Here's to more writing! :-)more

Dirty Santa and the Hustler Bag.

I was invited to the "Dirty Santa" party!The girl who invited me was someone I met at a event....more

A grateful heart: Getting featured on BlogHer

 Pretty jazzed to have been featured on the BlogHer homep...more

Join the BlogHer Visionaries Panel!

Do you know about the BlogHer Visionaries? It's a powerful group of 4600 articulate women who have strong opinions about everything from social media to consumer electronics to brands and products. Visionaries who opt into the program, have an opportunity to participate in the following: ...more

One month later ... my BlogHer '13 memoir.

It's been a month since I attended the BlogHer '13 conference in Chicago. Procrastination award goes to (thumbs in) this gal. My brain filled up at an alarming rate -- like bubbles in a beaker -- so many words to get out! Inspiration! Motivation! Amazing writers everywhere around me! Brainsplosion! It was a serious chemical reaction set off by the bold and effervescent ingredients of simply being at BlogHer....more

BlogHer 2013 Taught Me

A 'lil over a week ago I went off to Chicago to meet some of my blogging friends and 5,000-ish of our peers at BlogHer '13. It was a conference I'd been looking forward to for many personal reasons. I love blogging, and I love the community. I just needed it all to come together. And that it did. #BlogHer13 taught me a lot about myself and why I do what I do....more