Ragù (Bolognese sauce)

  Yes, I know, I haven’t been here in forever. But it’s not like I moved to a new country, started a new job, got a new place and a new kitchen to get used to… Oh wait, I did!...more

Need a Ticket to BlogHer Food in Chicago?

I have an early bird ticket to sell for BlogHer Food in Chicago this November. I paid $298 for the ticket, and that is the price I am asking. Unfortunately I have recently found out I need to have surgery, and will not be able to travel in November. Please email me if you're interested. nancy@chefslastdiet.com ...more

Why I Love Chromebooks

Shortly after deciding to go back to college, I made the realization that I needed a new laptop.  The one we owned was bulky and heavy and I shared it with my husband, which only caused me to feel guilty every time I needed to use it for school work....more

Putting Your Best Foot Forward #BlogHer15 (The 2nd Annual BlogHer Shoe Post)

Note #1: This post was originally posted on Tales From the Motherland. If you see your shoes in this piece, please pop over there and leave a link to your blog, in my comments' section! http://talesfromthemotherland.me/2015/07/22/shoes-at-blogher15/...more

What it Costs to Attend a BlogHer Conference

 Have you been dying to attend the annual BlogHer conference but the financial outlay is holding you back?...more
patriciaappelquist Thanks for writing. I wanted to point out to people who hold off coming due ...more

Why I'll Be At BlogHer Again

 When you've been mothering for as long as I have, a lot of you becomes a P.S. in your life. And that's a decision I don't ever regret - “Devotion” and “Mad Crushes on my children” have filled in my resume since 1995. ...more
Thinking about a last minute whatthehell it's in my hometown late registration. If i do I'm ...more

My Scheduling Snafu = Your Chance for a BlogHer 15 Full Pass

I bought my ticket to BlogHer months ago. The train into the city is one of my greatest treats, four hours of time to sit, write, and read. It also allows my husband time with our girls. I couldn't have known then that my work schedule would ramp up and that a major project for an important client would require my presence.  ...more
LaPecosaPreciosa gmail.com Do you have a ticketmore

BlogHer Strong: Why I'm Headed to My Fifth Straight Conference This July

In four weeks, I'll be Conference Strong. I'll be idea-open, inspiration-ready, community-bound, and with my people. If I were the commune living type, I could only be hoeing and raking the carrot patch alongside BlogHer people. ...more
FloatOnYourLove How to Power Network Like a Relationship Coach #boys #fifth ...more

How the Hell Does A Women Get Read on BlogHer?

I was thrilled to sign up for BlogHer and to share my posts here. I love the idea of a great big group of women reading each others work and supporting each other. I love the idea and the feeling of community I get from the Mommy Business community- on our site, on Facebook and on Twitter....more
Debby Drezon Carroll  Great idea, Debby!!more