BlogHer Conference in Pictures: 2006

So many photos, so little time. We're putting up your 2006 conference photos as fast as we can. Here is what we have so far! ...more

I B Freakin'

A few months ago I wrote about how I was still on the fence about going to BlogHer ’10. Long story short, I spent so much time straddling that damn thing that I missed my chance completely. Early bird registration came and went and then so did all the regular priced tickets....more

While I'd be freaking out too just because it's me and it's BlogHer, the truth is you will have ...more

TODAYMoms Would Like To Meet You At BlogHer is attending BlogHer 2010 in NYC....more

Welcome to BlogHer Research and Insights

Welcome to BlogHer Research and Insights.  On this page we will be providing you with a window into the world of media and marketing research.  We wonder about things here.  Why do people write Blogs?  How many are reading blogs on the BlogHer network?  Is social media usage growing?  How has our time spent with different types of media evolved over the past few years?...more

We are so glad you found us Sistagirl! Welcome to BlogHer and the wonderful world of the ...more

Average Jane's First BlogHer Conference

I remember I was blogging then and you asked if I wanted to go and I couldn't afford it.

But ...more

BlogHer Conferences in Pictures: The Early Years, 2005-2009

Have you ever wished you could find everyone's pictures in one place? We did, too. We're working on building photo galleries of all things BlogHer, and this is our first effort. ...more

Would you guys rather see a long slide show or several short ones? I'm also going to try to ...more

Something to help you plan for your NYC trip

Found this post: Five Manhattan cafes with free wifiCeleste

BlogHer - what now?

I have been a member of BlogHer for over a year now.  I love reading the blogs and I have even commented on a few.  These women are great at what they do.  So.... why am I here?  I am not a writer, but I did ALWAYS want to be one.  I have a total of 3 followers on my personal blog (my sister, my daughter, a friend), so obviously what I have to say is not super exciting. So, what now??  What am I supposed to be doing as a BlogHer member?? I guess I'll figure it out eventually, and until then i will keep reading everyone elses fabulous stuff!...more

Thanks! I'll check out the book club!more

BlogHer '10 Speaker Spotlight, July 6, 2010: Does Personal Blogging Hurt Your Professional Brand?

If you've ever blogged about your life on your professional blog, then you've blended the personal with the professional (regardless of whether you write anonymously). Of course, that may not be a negative thing, depending on who you're talking to ... and this summer, BlogHer is talking about it! Join us for a session we're calling "Authenticity or just TMI? When Does Blogging the Personal on Your Professional Blog Hurt Your Brand?" ...more

I have several blogs- some are geared to moms and there I share more personal stories of life. ...more