Short and Sweet

Monday is the new Wednesday. That was my Facebook status for today. Facebook statuses are easy to come up with. I have several people who tell me they look forward to my status every day because I am 'funny'. Whenever anyone tells me that, I notice that I have trouble the net few days being 'funny'. I guess the 'funny' is in the 'not trying to be funny' way I perceive the world. ...more

Yahoo Reinvent Yourself

I am currently in New York City at an outstanding Blogging Conference called Blogher....more

Updated: BlogHer '10 -- The Movie, Errr, Videos!

Lights! Cameras! Action! Oh boy, is there action... and you can watch it from the comfort of your own home, thanks to the kind folks who will be uploading their BlogHer '10 videos to YouTube. ...more

Do you mean the first video, by Jenny on the Spot? Where she and her friend show you how to make ...more

(SLIDESHOW) BlogHer '10 in Pictures: Snapshots from New York

Updated with new pictures! We're putting up your 2010 conference photos as fast as we can. Here is what we have so far. ...more

I see photos in this slideshow - do you not see any at all?

Or are you asking why some photos ...more

BlogHer Add-ons for Firefox

Do you want an easy to way to keep up with all of the new content on Do you use Firefox? If you've answered yes to both of those questions, then I've got some really great news for you. Two brand new BlogHer add-ons for Firefox have launched! We've got an awesome tool bar that let's you access your personal account, all of the most recent content and even Chatter right from your browser's toolbar. And, there's a new BlogHer search add-on that lets you search BlogHer from your browser, too. Here's how they work: ...more

For whatever the reason , I had been unable to bookmark Blogher. Now, with the add on ...more


Bookmark This Post: The Essential BlogHer '10 Links

Worried you won't know where to go or who to see? Fret not! Here's the one post with everything you need to know about BlogHer '10! ...more

Awesome--I've bookmarked it too!




How to Share Your BlogHer 10 Photos and Videos

Add Your Photos to BlogHer 10 Slideshows You might have seen some of our slideshows from BlogHer Conferences past and we have plans to create a whole bunch of slideshows for BlogHer 10. We'll have one big slideshow, a slideshow of party attendees, sessions, speakers, expo hall exhibits and more. Here's how you can add your photos to the BlogHer 10 Slideshows: ...more

The point on licensing is very important. If you don't change your license, we can't add it. So ...more

Pregnant & Packing for BlogHer 2010: Final Cut What Goes & What Stays

The envelope. Drumroll please...the winner of the What am I Actually Taking to BlogHer 2010 is... Comfy Flats: Walking through the airport and from one session to another on swollen, achy feet means cute and comfortable ballet flats with Dr. Scholl's gel arch inserts for added support. Cute and Sensible Heels: This is my first time in heels in months. I gave em up once the swelling started in the 1st trimester. That said, I'll try anything once, or twice, especially awesome Anne Klein flex slingbacks....more Has New Navigation Bars and Buttons

One of the things that I love best about working at is that everyone on the team is completely open to listening to community feedback and suggestions -- and then acting on them. The new navigation bar and buttons are a great example of that. You told us you were having trouble navigating the site. We listened. ...more

Hi Denise,
Yes, everything is working perfectly!!!!
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