Meet Pinstamatic

We're all pretty familiar with pinning web content onto our Pinterest boards, right? I often find myself pinning recipes, accessories, social media finds all the while these pins point to an actual landing page for more information....more

Play the BlogHer Food Scavenger Hunt

The BlogHer Events Team has cooked up a special treat (<- see what I did there?) to make your BlogHer Food '12 experience even more fun: The Scavenger Hunt!Within the BlogHer Food '12 Mobile App, you'll find an icon for the game on the homescreen. It's full of fun challenges, designed to help you meet other attendees, capture great photos, and document your conference experience....more
@BlogHerFood Signed up and ready to roll! Fun!!more

BlogHer Conferences Weekly Update - - May 25, 2012

Happy weekend friends! And for our US friends, we hope you enjoy a long weekend in honor of Memorial Day. There is lots to share, so I am going to jump in. First and foremost - - BlogHer Food '12 in Seattle is SOLD OUT!...more
Woohoo for BlogHer Food being sold out!more

The BlogHer Tree: Part 2

The BlogHer Tree Part 2 Yesterday it was so cold and windy and drizzly that we decided we’d wait until Sunday to plant the BlogHer Magnolia tree.   Gavin's Tree...more
 @elaineR.N. Thank you so much Elaine, and indeed she is a female!  I think Carol is helping you ...more

Getting inspired by others

I recently met someone that I really connected with. Her name is Dr. Patty Ann and she is a relationship expert in North America. We connected to see how we could support each other in a joint venture which is really exciting in itself but what I found even better was that she had the same views about fellow proffessionals in the same busines niche as herself  as I do.  I believe that to be a good person, a great resource to my clients and mompreneur following it is important to be always growing and expanding my view of the world....more

Featured on BlogHer - Part 2?!

I think I've fallen in love with the month of March (and not just because it's not February, either!). ...more

Bringing a baby to the BlogHer conference

It's that time again -- the last days of Early Bird Pricing for BlogHer 2012. I'm hoping to attend as a volunteer, but I don't know yet. I know that a lot of my fellow bloggers and readers are trying to decide as well. If you are pregnant right now or have just had a baby, you might be wondering whether it's a good idea to bring your baby to the BlogHer conference in New York City in 2012. Last year I brought my 6 month old baby to BlogHer 2011 in San Diego....more


I think Blogher needs to invest in and sell tee shirts to us.I'M A BLOGHER GIRL...more

Of Advent…1 Day Left & To My BlogHer Friends: Happy Christmas Eve!

I want to wish all my BlogHer friends a very Merry Happy and delicious Christmas Eve and Happy Chanukah! All these weeks you have faithfully supported my blogs, visiting, reading and commenting. You have lifted my spirits, made me cry, advised and encouraged me, but never shamed me, belittled me, or admonished me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Many times I wanted to quit and run for fear of disappointing you. Hubby told me I couldn’t do that to you all. There is too much compassion and love emanating from everyone to just walk away.I deeply appreciate and love you all!!...more
And a very Merry Christmas to you too. And thank you VERY much for your faithful visits. You are ...more

Thankful for all of you Bloggers!

Day 26- What I am thankful for:Today and every day I am thankful for all of you ladies (and of course you gents) for sharing your thoughts, experiences and advice on BlogHer and your blogs.Enjoy your day! Cheers! Kary
@victorias_view Thanks! Always exciting when someone comments or cooks one of my recipes. ...more