BlogHer Conferences - - Weekly Update August 24, 2012

Happy weekend friends! We are hard at work posting all things post-conference and of course working on all things BlogHer '13, both Food and our annual event in Chicago. But before we get too far ahead let's take a quick look back (in no particular order)......more

The Girl who threw up at Blogher12

Yes, you read it right.  That girl is me. I decided to do a personal vlog telling you about my very disgusting experience.  I don't go into great detail (come on, I'm already admitting online that this happened to me, I don't need to give you all the gross embellishments). ...more
OMG I love you. I'm so sorry this happened and I'm even more sorry that I didn't meet you at ...more

Since when does growing up mean missing out?

Always, right? It’s always been the case that being an adult means being responsible and not always doing what you want just because you want to do it.Deep down I know this to be true.I suppose.But this weekend is BlogHer12 (in NEW YORK CITY), and I’ll just be honest – I am aching.Aching not in the “oh, poor me” sense…though maybe a little bit…but mostly aching because I KNOW there are things (and people) there that I desperately need in my life....more
I understand! I have a nursing, teething baby so I too hope for next year. Until then I just ...more

eMoms 2012: A BlogHer Study

Mom study 2012 final 8.2.12 from BlogHer  ...more

BlogHer in T-Minus 3…2…

BlogHer is in just a few days, and I’m super psyched to see… Misty’s Laws Go Jules Go Jen e Sais Quoi Confessions of a Cornfed Girl Let Me Start By Sayin...more

The Many Sparkling Shades of BlogHer Blue

One of the greatest gifts given to me was a bracelet that I received from my two closest friends on my graduation day from university. It was without their support I would have never finished my degree. I would have crumbled at defeat without their positive pep talks when the kids were sick and the chips looked like they were tumbling down against me. ...more
Glad I read this, though again late to the party.  I totally agree with your very articulate ...more

The Fabulous Bloggy Award

Melissa gave me this award today, I feel so honored, as YOU Melissa are one of my favorite bloggers!  I love your sense of humor.  Oh, and your little stick people, I've grown so fond of them too!  And now that I have you on FaceBook, I know I can keep up with you in your remodeling and life and that's way cool.   So without further adieu, here we go!...more
 @Linda Anselmi dog poop and shoes are a terrible combination!!more

Meet Pinstamatic

We're all pretty familiar with pinning web content onto our Pinterest boards, right? I often find myself pinning recipes, accessories, social media finds all the while these pins point to an actual landing page for more information....more

Play the BlogHer Food Scavenger Hunt

The BlogHer Events Team has cooked up a special treat (<- see what I did there?) to make your BlogHer Food '12 experience even more fun: The Scavenger Hunt!Within the BlogHer Food '12 Mobile App, you'll find an icon for the game on the homescreen. It's full of fun challenges, designed to help you meet other attendees, capture great photos, and document your conference experience....more
@BlogHerFood Signed up and ready to roll! Fun!!more