Food Blogger Favorites: Joyful Abode's Grain-Free Granola Bars

We're celebrating BlogHer Food this year by asking food bloggers in the BlogHer network to share some of their favorite recipes. Emily Chapelle is a new mom and a Navy wife, blogging her trials and errors into the domestic domain at Joyful Abode. ...more

My favourite granola bar recipe is this one:

I ...more

Food Blogger Favorite Recipes: Show Me The Curry's Mushroom Pulao

To celebrate BlogHer Food '10, we've asked some of the food bloggers in the BlogHer network to share their favorite recipes. ...more

By the way I think I am in Love with U!
I can not wait to try ...more

Food Blogger Favorite Recipes: Clotilde's Yellow Zucchini Tarte Fine

To celebrate BlogHer Food '10, we've asked some of the food bloggers in the BlogHer network to share their favorite recipes. ...more

Add Your Name to BlogHer's Own Your Beauty Statement of Belief

Own Your Beauty. Change The Conversation. We are the beautiful people. All women. Every one of us. And that's amazing. Let’s own it. Let's collaborate on a definition of beauty that celebrates what makes each of us unique, inside and out. Instead of measuring ourselves against some airbrushed, Photoshopped ideal, let’s tailor the standard of beauty to suit ourselves. ...more

A Couple of Confessions

I have a couple of confessions to make. #1. I am moving my blog from blogher to blogspot. I love the blogher community but I am drawn to blogspot for the amount of control you have over the appearance of your blog. I hope you will follow me there at #2. The names I've been using on this blog are NOT our real names. I decided on assumed names to protect the identity of my children....more

So, where do you write YOUR blog?

After being featured on the homepage of BlogHer yesterday, I certainly got a lot more visitors to my blog, but to be honest, I expected to be signing a few more bloody autographs. A few more than none, for example. Especially because I nearly invested in queue barriers for my front garden. Yeh, in my head, I had it all worked out, right down to the end-flourish; I was going to develop RSI from signing the pecs of a glut of young twenty-something men with Mrs Robinson syndrome. ...more

I'll try and get one of the bus seat with the computer. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to be the ...more

Bloody hell, I am a BlogHer celeb!

Well I bloody never! I bet you can't guess what happened to me today? It all started off innocuously enough; I was sitting at the kitchen table trying to stretch a pair of Izzy's shoes with a can of hairspray (kid's shoes are expensive you know), when I heard the ping of an email arriving in my inbox. I eyed the email suspiciously, because it was from someone I didn't know. I pressed the 'open' button with trepidation expecting to be offered meds that could help with my erection. Instead it read: "Good morning!...more

Give the BlogHer Posts You Love a Little Extra Sparkle

You know how sometimes you read a post and you really want to comment, but you just don't have time? And then there are other posts that you really enjoyed reading and you'd like to say so -- but you aren't sure what to say in the comment box? You can Tweet the posts you like or you can share them to your Facebook wall. But sometimes you just want to do something else ... ...more

I think the idea of sparkle is genius!!!! I have had way too many moments where I wish I had ...more

Hello, Shiny New!

Don't worry, you're not seeing things, and you haven't wandered into the wrong site by accident. You are looking at the shiny, new ... ...more

Everyone, we had a blast working with Nicole and her amazing team at XEODesign to concept this ...more

Update: Bidding Open for Geeky/Nerdy! Tell the World, Make it Count: The BlogHer/Kirtsy Gulf Auction

The Gulf Auction honoring the Geeky/Nerdy 2010 BlogHer Voices of the Year is ready and open for bidding. Click on the images from the slideshow below to view the art curated by Kirtsy, learn more about the artists and bloggers, and get a direct link to the art auction on eBay. Each week, we'll auction the art inspired by a different category, and every dollar will be donated to The Nature Conservancy to help clean up the Gulf of Mexico: ...more

I am searching for the one based on my post, but don't see it....more