BlogHer Book Club

Ladies and Gents, Finally! I present to you, the BlogHer Book Club! If you are a lover of all things printed word, join up. I'll be writing pre-publication reviews for them periodically. The list of titles we've covered so far, or will very shortly in the near future, are: Caleb's Crossing by Geraldine Brooks (Read my review here.) Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok A Jane Austen Education by William Deresiewicz (I will review.) ...more

In which you don't care

ot that you care, but every morning (well, Monday through Friday) I get up, take out the dog, make the coffee, drink my CHOCOLATE protein shake and quickly glance at the paper to see how stupid the world is and realize that once again, nobody has asked for my input. ...more

What inspires you to blog in the first place?

I can't remember a time when I wasn't documenting.There was a journal in elementary school. Scrapbooks in high school.Even when I went through basic military training for the Air Force, I carried with me a tiny reporter's notebook and a ballpoint pen in one of my cargo pockets, scribbling down the things our training instructors yelled at us and my fitness scores....more

Julie!!!! I created an account just to say I'm really excited to read your advice. I'm different ...more

Lisa Stone, CEO BlogHer, Practice Makes Perfect Raising Venture


How BlogHer and USA TODAY Are Changing the Conversation About Beauty

When we first conceived Own Your Beauty here at BlogHer, we debated for a long time what that statement meant. Feeling perfect and gorgeous every minute is not the goal. Owning the beauty that each of us has inside and outside -- sincerely, whether or not we love our thighs -- is the goal. You can not love your thighs and still own your beauty. Above those thighs are hips, and they might rock. Above those hips are organs -- those that give life, those that pump blood. A mind, a soul. ...more

Abigail Posner, more

14 Days of Chocolate, Day 6: Sugarcrafter's Chocolate Chip Jam Bars

For Day 6 of 14 Days of Chocolate: Tracy of Sugarcrafter shares her favorite recipe for chocolate chip jam bars. ...more

Thank you for sharing this delightful looking dessert!

Sharing Resources: Stalking Awareness Month Part III

Deciphering What's Real and What's Not Sometimes posts get noticed by PR firms, other social media platforms and pe...more

BlogHer Withdrawal

I had been temporarily cut off, struggling to log on and be a part of women who blog. A glitch with my password, or something of the sort, that had me and my connection to BlogHer (Denise Tanton) perplexed. What I learned from my temporary absence is how much I miss this community....more

Given my tech challenges no doubt there will be more questions in the future. For now, all is ...more

When bad hair dye happens to good people

I am one of those moms who can speak up for her kids when something goes wrong, but for myself--silence. Even worse, I have been known to say thank you for really bad service.Last week I went to the salon for partial highlights. Somehow the partial highlights turned into full. The "a few brown highlights here and there" idea ended up making my naturally blond hair turn an ashy brown with a few blond highlights....more

The story you told is funny, but I'm sure at the moment it happened you were not ...more