Research on Media Habits from BlogHer, ComScore, Yahoo, Unicast : What Do Women Want?

A number of studies have been released over the past few months exploring the behaviors, purchasing habits and needs of women online. ...more
Very good article and well written - I recommend you to read this Twitter survey on my page: ...more

Brands Leveraging Reach of Social Media Latinas

***Cross posted from*** This post was co-written with Ana Lilian Flores of SpanglishBaby. ...more

Latinas at BlogHer 2010

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Don't read this if you are hungry...

Last week at the BlogHer 10 conference in NYC, 2,400 bloggers/attendees gathered to discuss all things blogging and, of course, to have fun. I was delighted to meet blogger and artist Carol Gillott who creates the lovely blog Paris Breakfasts....more

The Top 13 Things I Learned in NY While Attending the BlogHer Conference

The Trip I escaped my motherly, wifely and domestic duties (yet not attorney duties; the laptop came along) this past week and went to New York. I went for the BlogHer Conference, but stayed longer and made a mother/daughter weekend out of it too....more

Jet Lag Excuses: 7 Links Challenge

There's No Place Like Home This week I am breaking all my rules. Since the hotel I was staying in for a blogging conference was having technical difficulties and their Internet connection was not working (ironic, right), I was not able to post Monday. I am fresh in from New York. It's been a long (& fun) 5 days, and so I am opting for a Challenge I spotted on a really great blogging site for today's post....more

Short and Sweet

Monday is the new Wednesday. That was my Facebook status for today. Facebook statuses are easy to come up with. I have several people who tell me they look forward to my status every day because I am 'funny'. Whenever anyone tells me that, I notice that I have trouble the net few days being 'funny'. I guess the 'funny' is in the 'not trying to be funny' way I perceive the world. ...more

Yahoo Reinvent Yourself

I am currently in New York City at an outstanding Blogging Conference called Blogher....more

Updated: BlogHer '10 -- The Movie, Errr, Videos!

Lights! Cameras! Action! Oh boy, is there action... and you can watch it from the comfort of your own home, thanks to the kind folks who will be uploading their BlogHer '10 videos to YouTube. ...more

Do you mean the first video, by Jenny on the Spot? Where she and her friend show you how to make ...more

(SLIDESHOW) BlogHer '10 in Pictures: Snapshots from New York

Updated with new pictures! We're putting up your 2010 conference photos as fast as we can. Here is what we have so far. ...more

I see photos in this slideshow - do you not see any at all?

Or are you asking why some photos ...more