BlogHer '10 Speaker Spotlight -- April 27, 2010

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BlogHer is excited about our upcoming conferences this summer (yes, conferences, plural: BlogHer Business ’10, White House Project Workshop and BlogHer ’10 will all be taking place under one roof in New York City this August). Though we may still be a few months away, we figure it’s never too early to begin introducing you to our speakers. Over the next many weeks, I’ll randomly select a panel or two to highlight each Tuesday. Though the panels are randomly selected, our speakers are not -- we take great care in researching, considering and inviting speakers for each conference, with a special focus on featuring new and diverse voices. We hope you’ll learn a lot, think a lot and jump into lively conversations with these speakers!

Because BlogHer is passionate about our community, I thought it would be fun to kick off with an introduction to the speakers on one of our Passions panels: Fitness Blogging – Motivate Yourself and Your Readers. BlogHer has never had a fitness-focused panel before (though we have had sessions on body image), and we’re always excited about featuring a new topic. Here's the session description:


We’ve explored body image at many past BlogHer conferences, but we’ve never focused the spotlight on bloggers who are specifically and unapologetically getting in shape. How do you motivate, engage, get people excited, stay positive, and walk that line between loving the body you have now for what it can accomplish and seeking to help it do even more?


Please meet the speakers:


Moderating this session is Roni Noone, who blogs at Roni’s Weigh, where she began blogging five years ago about her weight loss journey. She lost 70 pounds, and continues to blog about how she keeps those extra pounds off. She also runs BlogtoLose, an online community dedicated to cheering on others as they reach their fitness goals, and GreenLiteBites, a food blog that highlights her latest healthy creations. Additionally, Roni is the founder of the FitBloggin’ conference, an event for health-conscious bloggers.

Debra Roby joins Roni on this panel to discuss giving readers the tools to achieve their fitness goals, and pushing them to love their bodies more in the process. Debra Roby is a personal trainer whose fitness archives reach back to 2006. She blogs at Weight for Deb, focusing on middle-age women and healthy living post-menopause. Deb uses her site to give exercise tips and healthy eating advice. She also uses her blog to motivate readers by sharing authentic updates on her own progress.

Sahar Aker dives into the conversation to continue the discussion on engaging and motivating readers to live their healthiest lives. Sahar is a veteran news health reporter who vlogs and blogs on She focuses on sharing healthy tips and the latest news on diet, fitness and obesity, alongside interviews with health professionals to help readers make the most of their food- and health-related choices.

Are you blogging about fitness and/or health and/or weight loss on your blog? Come share how your blog is supporting your efforts in the FitBlogging session.


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