BlogHer '10 Speaker Spotlight, July 20, 2010: Writing Inspiration - Stoke Your Creativity

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Writer's block. We've all had it. Whether you're writing about technology, family, business, life, politics, design or any other number of myriad subjects, there's one thing we all need: new material. Something fresh that keeps your readers coming back for more. In a word, we need INSPIRATION. And we hope to deliver just that. Join us in the Writing Track for a session we're calling "Writing Inspiration - Stoke Your Creativity."

Here's the description:

This session is about inspiration. Stretching your brain. Bringing in new resources. Triggering ideas and corralling them into something you can put down on paper, screen, video, tape. Trying new forms, new words, new styles. Opening your mind to expand what you thought you could achieve. Writers share their expert tips for successful writing strategies, time and time again.

Meet the speakers:

Rita Arens is the assignment and syndication editor for BlogHer. Her writing has appeared in a variety of print and online publications, such as Scholastic Parent & Child and Babble. She is the editor of parenting anthology Sleep Is for the Weak and a contributor to Kirtsy Takes a Bow. Rita keeps a personal blog at Surrender, Dorothy.

Carleen Brice is an award-winning author. Her first book, Orange Mint and Honey, recently premiered on the Lifetime Movie Network as the second-highest rated original movie in LMN's history. Carleen has writen both fiction and non-fiction, has contributed to an anthology, and has written for a number of publications. She blogs at White Readers Meet Black Authors.

Jan Sokoloff Harness is a published poet, award-winning writer and former talk show host. Beyond her published writing, Jan is a national presenter on creativity, writing and mentoring, and provides copy counsel to clients that range from Fortune 500 companies to non-profit organizations. Jan blogs at Creative Instigation, where she shares creativity tips, promotes creativity exercises and blogs about her inspirations.

Do you struggle with writers block? Have you successfully conquered that flashing cursor? Come prepared with questions about how to get your fingers flying, or share your own writing strategies to inspire others.

About the Speaker Spotlight Series: BlogHer is excited about our upcoming conferences this summer (yes, conferences, plural: BlogHer Business '10, White House Project Workshop and BlogHer '10 will all be taking place under one roof in New York City this August). Though we may still be a few months away, we figure it's never too early to begin introducing you to our speakers. Over the next many weeks, I'll randomly select a panel or two to highlight each Tuesday. Though the panels are randomly selected, our speakers are not -- we take great care in researching, considering and inviting speakers for each conference, with a special focus on featuring new and diverse voices. We hope you’ll learn a lot, think a lot and jump into lively conversations with these speakers!

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