August 6 - Day 1
Time Event
8:00am Day One Breakfast
Newbie Breakfast
9:00am Welcome and State of the Blogosphere, featuring BlogHer's founders, Elisa Camahort Page, Jory Des Jardins and Lisa Stone
9:30am Speed Dating, BlogHer-style
10:00am Morning Break
10:30am Geek Lab: Usability for Beginning Bloggers (Beginning Level)
Writing Lab: Writing Inspiration: Stoke Your Creativity
Change Agents: Feeding the Conversation: How to Build A Community Around Your Cause
Passions: ROYO - Gen Y Passionistas: Making Your Passion “Work” For You
Personal: Blogging Autism: Shattering Myths, Opening Eyes and Finding Your Tribe
Professional: The FTC Guidelines: After A Year, Has Anything Changed?
Job Lab: Self-Marketing: Resume and Social Network Profile Writing Clinic
11:45am Lunch
1:15pm Change Agents: Creating Tangible Social Change: How to Move People to Action
Passions: This year, you’re in! Fashion Blogging Is Serious Business
Personal: ROYO - Latinas in Social Media
Professional: Mastering Intellectual Property Law
Geek Lab: Fight Spam and Hackers! Plugging Security Holes in Your Social Media Life
Writing Lab: ROYO - Dear Abby 2.0: Giving Advice in the Blogosphere
Job Lab: ROYO - Offline Networking for Bloggers
2:45pm Change Agents: ROYO - Resource Blogging: Serving Your Community One Post at a Time
Passions: Family Foodies: Creating a New Generation of Gourmands
Personal: Bringing Sex Out of the Closet
Professional: ROYO - Social Media is Bringing Sexy Back to Branding -- Do You Have the Social Media Strategy and Tools for Success?
Geek Lab: ROYO - How to Take Great Pictures, Whether You Have a DSLR or Point-and-Shoot
Writing Lab: Good Blog Design: The Role of Layout In an Online Medium
Job Lab: Authenticity or just TMI? When Does Blogging the Personal on Your Professional Blog Hurt Your Brand?
4:00pm Afternoon Break
4:45pm Community Keynote: BlogHer Voices of the Year
6:00pm Reception
7:00pm Gala Welcome Party and Art Auction
August 7 - Day 2
Time Event
8:00am Day Two Breakfast
9:00am Day Two Recap
9:30am Morning Keynote: The International Activist Blogger Scholarship Recipients
10:45am Change Agents: Radical Blogging Moms: Don’t Even Think About Not Taking These Moms Seriously
Geek Lab: ROYO - How to Edit Your Pictures and Make Them 10x Better
Writing Lab: How to Use Your Blogging to Make You a Better Writer
Passions: ROYO - Women and Sports: We like to play. We like to watch. And we want to read and talk about it.
Personal: Where’s the Line or the Lie: Storytelling, Memoir and Poetic License
Professional: Professional Blogging: Your Stats Are A Business Asset
Job Lab: Get Hired: Networking With a Purpose Via Social Media
12:00pm Lunch
1:30pm Change Agents: ROYO - Screw Work/Life Balance, We Need Work/Life POLICY!
Personal: Grief, Loss, Tragedy and Community on the Internet
Passions: Fitness Blogging: Motivate Yourself and Your Readers
Writing Lab: ROYO - The Evolving Publishing Ecosystem
Professional: ROYO - The Mega "Mindful Monetization" Session!
Geek Lab: Your Online Legacy: How to Control Your Digital Footprint (All)
Job Lab: Get and Stay Hired: Social Media and Technical Skills in Today’s Job Market
3:00pm Change Agents: How to Start, Engage in and Moderate Civil Political Debate
Passions: Transforming Online Places into Art Spaces
Personal: ROYO - Little Fish in a Big Pond: Understanding, Accepting, and Loving Your Small Blog
Professional: How to Run a Group Blog for Fun, Advocacy and/or Profit
Geek Lab: Creating (or Massively Altering) a WordPress Theme (Int. to Adv.)
Writing Lab: Humor Writing
Job Lab: ROYO - Pitch Me
4:15pm Afternoon Break
5:00pm Closing Keynote: How to Use Your Voice, Your Platform and Your Power
6:00pm Progressive Parties


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