BlogHer '11 Conference Update: June 24, 2011

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Happy weekend friends! We are now into the countdown for our upcoming annual event in San Diego, and we are sure you'll have a wonderful time! Here's what we have in store:

Pathfinder Day - What is it and who should attend? Elisa said it best in her introduction post:

Pathfinder Day was created to to help answer an ongoing, consistent question that we, as bloggers, often face: Where do I go from here?

We ask it when we're just starting out. We can tell we love the blogosphere, but we aren't always quite sure what our goals are. (In fact, we sometime aren't sure if we even need blogging goals.)

And sometimes we ask it again when we've been at it two, three, four years. We come to a blogging crossroads. We experience blogger burnout. We see the landscape changing and wonder about our place in it. We wonder if we need a change, or if we need to re-focus.

If that sounds like you, Pathfinder Day is for you! Register today and join us on Thursday, August 4, the day before our annual conference. View the Pathfinder Day agenda here.

Please note: Pathfinder Day requires separate registration from the annual event taking place on August 5 and 6.

Speaking of an agenda, check out what we have in store for you as well as our impressive speaker lineup! I would love to call out one session that you shouldn't miss, but I wouldn't know where to begin!

And, have you checked out our ever growing lineup of sponsors?  Without the support and backing of our amazing sponsors, our conference wouldn't be what it is! Thank you, sponsors.

One very crucial element is -- of course - THE PARTIES! Wahooo!!! Once again, we have a series of parties for you to attend, depending on your wants and needs. We've spread them out, removed the RSVP process and all parties are open to everyone (just wear your badge and come on in).

The other very exciting, and serious, thing happening this year is our first ever blood drive! Last week I had the privilege of speaking with Erin Kotecki Vest, BlogHer's Social Media Strategist (aka Queen of Spain), who has been battling an ongoing illness. Erin suggested a blood drive, since she has been the beneficiary of many pints of blood, and without it her recovery would be much rougher. Read my post, learn more about Erin and sign up to donate!

Let's now talk about BlogHer Handmade - have you registered? Join us in Minneapolis as we partner with the fabulous team at the Creative Connection as we mix social media with DIY -- come see what we have planned.

Are you still hungry for more BlogHer Food? We have the solution! Check out the VirtualCon and catch up anything you might have missed and see our photos -- I'm sure you are in at least one.

Have a great weekend, and we'll catch up next week!

Lori Luna
director of events