Blogher '11, My Perspective. ( Post 1 of 786,777 ) hahaha Feature: Swag!

Yesterday I spent a good part of the day uploading images for blog posts.  I was so excited to share my experiences at BlogHer11 that I totally forgot to straighten, crop, you know, the things a photographer is supposed to do before uploading only the best of the event.  When I realized what I'd done, I quickly went to (my flickr) ... (add figuring out how to add a link to my list of things to learn here at BlogHer) and started deleting crooked and blurry pictures.  

Like a dummy, I started adding names, descriptions and titles, but to only about 2/3.  And then you figure that 1/4 of them are bad...ARGH so frustrating.  I should just delete them all from flickr, edit them in iPhoto and then take a mulligan.  (that's golf talk for redo)


so here is the link to my first blog post about swag...

and in the meantime, if you have any helpful hints for me to learn how to post a link and add photos to my blogher posts, leave me comments..  :)





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