BlogHer '12 Closing Remarks from Elisa and Lisa

Conference Event: 

Hello everyone!! We paid over 4,250 bloggers 17 million dollars in revenue! Our mission when we started this concept in 2005, when the three of us sat in the kitchen around a table, and our mission was to create opportunities for women in social media to pursue exposure, education, community, and economic empowerment. We wanted bloggers to get paid for their work.

But before we get started, wanted to say, we aren't going to talk long, because we want to hear from you, as always, what we can do to help make this community and conference better. First a little history, Lisa, Jory, and I and we decided to do this thing, the conference, and 120 days later, we had 300 women. We had thought we would put it all on our three credit cards and pay ourselves back. So we asked for feedback, three pieces of information, first, more conferences please, and 2) I want to know if I can get paid. 3) and we wanted a way to try to find them so we launched

We also launched a publishing network, we were at that time the first network that didn't have a number of page views required.

We are here today to talk about the BlogHer economy. We asked on your blogs and we surveyed you and you responded.

Where did the 17 million go? I think the impact and importance of having the discretionary income stands out. 43 percent of where the 17 million went to investing back into their own blogs and online activities. I think its important to invest in ourselves. Next Tuesday, we will launch a new project.

16% of you invested that money back into your groceries so the money they made went into their groceries. 12 % of our network members paid mortgages and rents. We also have a number of you that paid off debt or avoided debt. For example a number of you paid or helped pay for college so that your kids did not need to incur debt.

So starting on Tuesday, we are launching two new services that will help you leverage your social influence. As you can see here, some of these tools weren't even available when we launched our network. To participate in this new program, you don't have to be a part of the publishing network. What do you have to do? n Tuesday, what you can do is go to and click on the box in the left that says your influence is valuable.

Starting tuesday, you can go to and you'll see a new feature.
thanks to our kick ass BlogHer sales team, our ad sales have gone up 50%, and raise your hand if you are here form our sales team.

Today, our BlogHer food network is the 3rd largest in the U.S.! It's enormous and awesome.

Lastly if you are interested in extending your revenue, we encourage you to sign up for BlogHer TV. you don't have to be a part of our publishing network to add it, it's an opt in.

I need to to recognize three people that have led these efforts, Jenny Lauck, Stacey Morrison, and lastly, Rob Potter, who is our VP of technology led this effort as well.

And this has been something that we always announce, this little thing we always announce, and that's the location for BlogHer 2013. And next slide, will show you were, just wait until you see me motion.

BlogHer 2013 will be in Chicago at McCormick Place, July 25-27th! We also announced BlogHer Entrepreneurs as well.

We will issue our call for ideas this fall. I urge you to submit early, and we encourage new speakers because 80% of our speakers are new, and we ask please, please, please, submit early. If you have never spoken before submit your topic and also.

The swag recycle suite is open tomorrow morning or tonight at 6 pm. We urge you to leave whatever you don't want because we will recycle them.
We also have our first ever blogger fashion show, tonight at 8:15, then it's the Social Fiesta. And then we close it for our closing party which is CheeseburgHer party.