BlogHer '12 Day One -- in Tweets!

BlogHer Original Post

Yesterday was the first day of programming for BlogHer '12 and, let me tell you, it was an amazing day. From the panels to the Expo Hall to, oh you know, Martha Stewart, it was just one of those days that you hope for when attending a conference. We followed along with your tweets and present to you a random dozen that give you a picture as to what the day was like so you can get a feel, whether you're following along with us at home or just wonder what else was going on while you were in another session!

Ah, yes. What a day.

Again, because we're offering so much great programming, we couldn't bring you all the tweets from all of the panels. You can however check out our liveblogs as they continue to go up; they are a wealth of tweetable gems and great takeaways that you won't regret reading! Also, take a look at our photo previews from our amazing photographer, Danielle Tsi.

Tomorrow morning I'll bring you another great set of tweets as today is, no doubt, going to be just as amazing as yesterday!

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