The BlogHer '12 Fashion Show Video is HERE!

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The fashionistas are here -- or their video is, I should say -- and they are ready for your viewing pleasure!

This year we embarked on a new event to showcase the amazing women in our community in a beautiful and lovely setting: The Style Show. Now this style show is different than many others in that we endeavored to find the real women of BlogHer and not the standard style show model. Let's be honest: We all aren't one size, age or ethnicity now are we? No, we are a diverse group of women who come in all shapes, ages, ethnicity, and mobility and our style expert, Kathryn Finney, The Budget Fashionista, came to the table armed with styles and unique looks for each MODEL. Yep, I said it -- MODEL.

Take a look at the amazing women who took the stage for the inaugural Style Show at BlogHer '12...

Alissa Wilson -

Rhoda Vickers -

Erin Kotecki Vest -

Laurita Tellado -

Reagan, Hair Dresser on Fire -

Jenni Radsovich -

CeCe Olisa -

Maria Niles -

Christina McNememy - 

Sally McGraw -

Marcy -

Christine Koh -

Monique Maestas-Gower

Kathryn Finney -

Sabrina Enayatulla -

Pauline Campos -

Stacy Jill Calvert -

Christina Brown -

Heather Barmore -

Erin Bailey -

Grace Atwood -

Claire Sulmers -

Full Fashion Show


Lori Luna
vp, event operations